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Was the britsh navy pro nationalist during the spanish civil war - Essay Example

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While in the complex context of the Spanish Civil War it was difficult for then British Government to determine the course of…
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Was the britsh navy pro nationalist during the spanish civil war
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently the safest option for the British Government was to play an non-intervention role throughout the whole war but with secret support for the Franco Regime. Jill Edwards comments on this communist phobia of the British ruling class, ‘in the first weeks of the rebellion, it was the thread of anti-communism which formed the warp of British government attitudes.’ 1
The dilemma of the British Government was that on one side she had to address the fear of the rise of the socialist among the Republicans while there was another posing danger from the Nazi who were striving to establish control over the Franco Regime. Like other democratic countries of Europe officially turn a blind eye to the war just because of the fear that any bias and direct support might eventually lead to another Bloody world war. But Franco Regime received an indirect and unofficial favour from the British Naval Force just because the British Government strove to check the unanimous control over the Franco Regime. 2 But meanwhile the emotional rise of the Socialists among the Republican due to the aloofness of the European democratic countries and the direct artillery support of the Stalin Government pushed the British rulers to take a strong stand for the Nationalists. In an article ‘International Naval Cooperation During the Spanish Civil war” Adam B Siegel comments on the overall picture of the war situation as following:
Among ideologues on the left and the right, the Spanish civil war was perhaps the most controversial conflict…. Moreover, European powers could not ignore the fact that it posed the greatest threat to peace…. Spain’s strategic location, the rise of fascism….drew international naval forces into Spanish waters. 3
British Naval Support for the Nationalists has a lot to do with the fear of the rise of the socialists among the Republics. During the war ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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