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In the paper “National Victory in the Spanish Civil War" the author analyzes a military rising originated in Morocco, headed by General Francisco Franco which spread rapidly all over the country between 1936 and 1939. This was the beginning of the Spanish Civil War…
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National Victory in the Spanish Civil War
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Download file to see previous pages The war offered both Hitler and Mussolini an opportunity to test their equipment and military strategies. Hitler also expected Francos assistance in any future German war. Concerned about Hitler’s actions, British and French officials began to discuss an alliance with Soviet Union. But Soviet leader Joseph Stalin felt threatened by Hitler’s military actions and did not think British and French would protect his country. Hence in 1939, the Soviet-German nonaggression pact was revealed where each side agreed not to attack the other.
The Spanish Civil War officially came to an end on April 1, 1939, without any reconciliation. Franco began a reign of terror aimed at the physical liquidation of all his potential enemies. Concentration camps were set up and tens of thousands were shot. Mass executions continued until 1944. Meanwhile, World War II was under way, and many of the volunteers took up arms against fascism again (Taylor). Despite almost universal support for the Republic amongst British intellectuals and widespread support amongst the working classes, the British government did not act. It was not only that they feared anything that might lead to a wider war in Europe but also that, British businessmen and a majority of the British Cabinet felt more sympathetic with Franco. Large corporations in America also worked on Francos behalf. In France, the governments sympathies were with the Republic, but the government was weak and feared any acts that might alienate its own military. However, after providing the Loyalist government with a score of planes, France decided to propose an international policy of Non-Intervention that would bar all foreign aid to Spain (Miller). In fact, if Franco and the rebellious generals had been denied Italys and Germanys aid in the early days of the war, the rebellion might well have collapsed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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