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Analyse the impact and effectiveness of ILO (international labor organization) convention in child labor in China - Essay Example

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It may be defined as: any age specified juvenile child working full time, mentally or physically is earning for own survival or supporting the family income that harms the social development and…
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Analyse the impact and effectiveness of ILO (international labor organization) convention in child labor in China
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Download file to see previous pages expensive or less troublesome than that of adults, when other labour is scarce, and when they are considered irreplaceable by reason of their size or perceived dexterity.1”
In many South Asian countries, juvenile child labour is easy to find and kept in places like workshops, factories and for household purposes. There data present showing the exact and calculated number of child labour in China. China has a history of thirty years with ILO and its role has been continuously changing since. In early 70’s China declared itself a non-active member because of the absence of inevitable tripartite employees, trade union and government structure which was the basic membership requirement of ILO.
Peoples Daily, a famous newspaper in China, refers to an investigation started by the government organization which was accountable for examining labour conditions throughout the country. According to this report, child labour is most common in factories of fireworks, toys and textiles, construction, food production, and light mechanical work. Child labour is highly in demand, as children have smaller hands and pure eye vision by years of labour, which makes them more stipulating than adults for many types of work. Furthermore, child labour complexes the scenario, problems like no school, hazardous working conditions, unbelievably low wages, overloaded work pressures resulting in harmful negative effects on physical and mental growth. Abusive and sexual exploitation and armed conflict are the worse issues which also rise due to underage children working.
Like any other country, there is a law in China which strictly prohibits child labour. In this paper, thus, the main focus was on the recommendations which suggest imposing severe punishment on violators and on reinforcing the government’s monitoring and judicial systems. This document is necessary to understand the efforts of China in regard to child labour and also its joint effort with the ILO2.
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