Traditional marketing vs. online marketing for online shopping sites - Essay Example

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Now days, in a broad way, marketing is classified into two categories - a) Traditional Marketing and b) Online Marketing. Traditional way of marketing we see in our…
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Traditional marketing vs. online marketing for online shopping sites
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Download file to see previous pages o purchase certain product or wish to avail certain services, we have to visit the site selling such products or services, pay the amount and our desired thing will be delivered to us. The core concept or process of marketing a product remains same only avenues to it change.
The early phase of online marketing is replete with such examples that the investors had to invest a great deal of money to start his venture and there was not enough certainty also if the venture will be successful or not. Within a very period of time this conception changed and people started to follow the rule of developing products and market them properly. It has been observed if it can be done properly customers are sure to come. Thus, it is understood that advertisement plays a great role in selling products online. During the earlier part of Internet marketing investors used to spend huge amount of money to compete with others and more money were spent in order to launch an effective advertising campaign. Both in traditional as well as online marketing, advertising play a dominant role. The main reason is until and unless the consumers can be properly informed about products, it will not be possible to attain expected results. If we judge with a bit of analytical mind, we will realize that in case of online marketing same methods like that of its traditional counterpart is used. In this context it becomes important to understand about traditional tools of marketing in a brief way.
The whole idea of traditional marketing is standing over the foundation of ‘marketing mix,’ which, according to Professor E. Jerome McCarthy, is summation of four materials, namely, Product or service, Pricing of the Product, Distribution or placement of such products, and finally, promotion of such products. Selling is the final destination for marketing and the two factors a) Customer acquisition and b) Retention of those customers play the most important role. Traditional tools for marketing depend ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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