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What does Jacks mask represent, and what does it show the reader about how Jack is changing - Essay Example

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Jack has masked his face by means of a paint that he used from the island. Jack shows interest towards hunting that is also categorized as a barbarous trait…
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What does Jacks mask represent, and what does it show the reader about how Jack is changing
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Extract of sample "What does Jacks mask represent, and what does it show the reader about how Jack is changing"

Download file to see previous pages His mark made him look like a barbarous creature as compared to his previous appearance of a civilized boy. With his mask, he considered himself a stranger and he wanted to hide behind his mask and do all the barbarous tasks. Jack masked keenly and others followed blindly. After masking his face, he started dancing and laughing with a “bloodthirsty snarling” that indicates towards the change that appeared in him.
The mask hid his real personality of a civilized boy and turned him into a savage, who was ready to hunt, kill and hurt without any mercy. When he was masked, he had to take care of nothing because nobody was going to recognize him. He was hidden behind his mask. His mask compelled him to do the wrong and injurious. He was no more in the bounds of civilization. He was not Jack but someone else and could do anything he liked in his new position without blaming Jack.
After masking his face, Jack became more violent. A ship arrived but there was no fire to indicate that the island has some civilized residents. Jack was involved in narrating his bravery story before the boys and he was not at all interested in the ship that has arrived and left them. He covered his face with mask and was a newly barbarous creature and he was not interested to return back to civilization. Jack did all the barbarous actions such as he hunted a pig mercilessly with a masked face and he “smudged blood over his forehead”.
“Painted faces and Long hair” that is the title of chapter 4 indicates that the boys entered barbarism by masking their identities. Painted faces depict barbarians and it is also a war symbol. The barbarians paint themselves to hide themselves from their enemies or during a fight. Jack by covering his face with paints has converted himself from a civilized person to a savage, a brute who does not care about anyone and acts according to his own instincts. His attitude towards Piggy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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