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Mark Twain's Roughing It - Term Paper Example

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Mark Twain’s ‘Roughing It’ Literary critics have recognized Mark Twain’s ‘Roughing It’ as an interesting story which facilitates a charming fusion of innocence and human experience. In this narrative story, Mark Twain talks about the story of a tender shoot’s initiation into the terrific realities of Western world…
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Mark Twains Roughing It
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Extract of sample "Mark Twain's Roughing It"

Download file to see previous pages Considering its authenticity, innocent portrayal and sophisticated style, one can accept Mark Twain’s ‘Roughing It’ as a masterpiece of comedy. Reader can become aware of the elements of comedy in the language used by different characters, their manners, and attitudes. Nothing like other comedies, ‘Roughing It’ constitutes real humor from real life’s experience. In ‘Roughing It’, Twain practices literary techniques like exaggeration, understatement and anti-climax. All the way through the novel, Mark Twain ridicules the Western attitude to become rich without a serious effort from their part. In addition, author breaks the concept of false romanticism and false dignity of Western people through a series of events having autobiographical coloring. The story narrates Young Mark Twain’s journey through the Wild West during the time of 1860s. Author gives an innovative style in presenting humor through variety of literary devices such as characterization, specific dramatic monologues, and long tales. The joking tone of the story is grounded in the errors of judgment, many misfortunes, and growing mistakes that preventing the hero from acquiring his goal. Mark Twain executes his self- image as a powerful technique to explore comedy in his novel ‘Roughing It’. As a narrator, novelist himself creates circumstances which cause criticism. Luis J. Budd comments; “Besides, their impact on Twain’s self-image, as well as his income, they guided his sense of how successfully he was connecting with his public” (Budd). Through presenting some characters and their miner movements, Mark Twain promotes humor. It also endow with a variety of humor through the narrator’s experience. In Chapter II, reader can see author’s efforts to demonstrates the movements of a woman by observing “I sat by this grim Sphynx and watched her kill thirty or forty mosquitoes--watched her, and waited for her to say something, but she never did” (Twain 7-8). At this juncture, it is obvious that in real life, author and the young generation which he represents the novel often act as careless and irresponsible people. They always search for easy way to become rich. The whole journey of Mark Twain and his friends reveals instances for Mark Twain’s use of understatement. Reader can find that novelist successfully utilizes various writing techniques for his novel. In Europe, industrialization paved the way for substantial changes in social, political, cultural and economic life of the people. Rapid development in economic fields changed Europeans more ridicules and they often expose their hypocrisy. In the beginning, reader can find that the protagonist was not an educated man but his growth as an editor of a popular newspaper promotes some marvelous examples for comedy. Adventurous journey of the hero and other characters in the novel is portrayed through ironic background and it reveals the attitude of Western people towards the society and these attitudinal changes often create humor. It is noting worth that “he reveals in the West’s incongruities and ironies, confident in his ability to convert confusion into game-or at least into amusing confusion” (Florence 94). The changes in their social, cultural and economic life contributes some humorous situations in the novel and one can find some relevant examples for a great comedy in it. Analyzing the novel, it is clear that reader often fails to find ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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