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Car and trucks are two types of automobiles. Both can be utilize by drivers to accomplish the same objective, but these two types of vehicles were created for different…
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An automobile allows a person to move from one place to the other at speeds of over 55 miles per hour. Car and trucks are two types of automobiles. Both can be utilize by drivers to accomplish the same objective, but these two types of vehicles were created for different purposes. The car is the common type of vehicles. The Japanese companies are the best manufacturers of cars. The profile customer of a car is a person who is single or has a family who utilizes the automobile to go to work or for daily family errands. The cars are fuel efficient vehicles who on the average give around 30 miles per gallon. A truck is completely different type of vehicles. The top manufacturers of truck vehicles are American companies. The truck is a vehicle that has a cabin that can be utilized by the owners to carry work materials. People with farms or in the construction business are typical users of trucks. Trucks are purchased by users that want a safe vehicle with good torque and horsepower. The fuel average fuel efficiency of a truck is around 20 miles per gallon. Trucks are more reliable than cars, but the maintenance costs once they break down are much higher than autos because the parts are more expensive and the mechanic labor is higher. Trucks are not as comfortable as cars and in most instances they can only seat 2 to 3 people inside a truck. Both cars and trucks are automobiles that can utilized by any driver with a valid drivers license. Read More
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Car or Truck Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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