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Leadership and Management (Nursing) - Essay Example

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In Great Britain, one in four British adults experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any one year, and one in six experiences this at any…
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Leadership and Management (Nursing)
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"Leadership and Management (Nursing)"

Download file to see previous pages as been consulted and they have been clear about what they value and what they want from their nurses according to the Royal College of Nursing (2005) so mental health nurses are now facing the challenge of meeting those expectations.
Nursing leadership is significant in shaping the future of healthcare especially in the field of Mental Health Nursing. However, there is a need for efficient action plans to turn this idea into reality—focusing on the development and realisation of essential management and organisation.
There is always a leader trait within a person because leadership is for everyone and it does not necessarily just for the one in-charge. Nevertheless, one cannot become a leader until he or she understands what leadership is about and the driving force for others. This essay aims to explore and critically analyse the management skills and leadership qualities a newly qualified nurse will need in leading others to deliver services in a rapidly changing practice environment; and to provide conclusions and recommendations.
Mental health nursing is at the core of recent healthcare system. They comprise the largest professional group in mental health services with nearly 47,000 qualified nurses working in the NHS in England, and another 30,000 support staff working with them (NHS 2006).
Health Minister Rosie Winterton (NHS 2006) has expressed that mental health nurses have always been a vital part of effective mental health services and in recent years they have played an absolutely key part in the ongoing transformation of mental health services.
The NHS is changing—new roles and new skills of mental health nurses have been developed. Never before had the nurse practitioners face so many challenges with the structure of the NHS likely to be different from what is known by previous generations.
New ways of organising, planning, commissioning and delivering services are all now the new reality for nurses and other professions working in the UK ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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