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Designing a new project - Essay Example

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ABC Manufacturing Company, a business which creates clothing and other fabric textiles for a variety of well-known clothiers, is currently developing new global strategies for expansion into the international marketplace. However, in order to fully cater to the new, higher…
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Designing a new project
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"Designing a new project"

Download file to see previous pages commercial properties for construction and development, as well as identifying the operations steps required to ensure adequate staffing levels as related to payroll. Further, as part of this expansion initiative, ABC will conduct a strategic assessment of the competitive environment to determine a series of potential best practices for cost reduction and efficiency in this project.
There will, of course, be fixed expenditures and variable costs which the new manufacturing facility will incur during its first operational year, however initial budget assessment can determine future methodology in relation to specific areas of cost which might require adjusting. However, the scope of this project is to get the new ABC manufacturing facility up-and-running to full manufacturing capacity, from the ground up, in the period of two years. This proposal highlights the expected operational activities and costs during this project and will provide a review of how progress will be measured and adjusted based on corporate expectations.
Identifying a suitable property for development, as Phase One of the project, involves assessing opportunities to seize valuable assets for ABC. The new facility must be within the established budget guidelines and also be sustainable so as not to incur losses in the first series of operating years. However, current trends in the commercial real estate industry have driven prices to, in some instances, record lows (Jones, 28), allowing the company to capitalize on low cost retail property that is market driven.
Phase One will also consist of utilizing human capital for the project, which is identified as the labor available at the company’s disposal to ensure productive and efficient operations (Mathis & Jackson, 117). Tangible construction efforts will be handled by external suppliers and professional builders based on a bidding process. As previously mentioned, all supply and purchasing costs can be delivered to the appropriate spending ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Designing a New Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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