Operations Management: LPG Manufacturing case - Research Paper Example

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The findings of this research will provide insight of strategies and operations management that was adopted by the LBP manufacturing company to establish itself as a leading company in providing packages for packing and products specialization…
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Operations Management: LPG Manufacturing case
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Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is LPG Manufacturing as main producer and provider of packaging to the food service industry. The company has made great efforts in re using recycled material and post- consumer material for its products and also puts in consideration of whether the produced materials could be recycled again. The innovation team continually researches and evaluates new sources, materials, and manufacturing procedure to reduce the company’s’ ecological footprint. LPG manufacturing runs on six policies of environmental responsibility. To start with the company practices Institutional, heartening sustainability in its products manufacturing actions and operations. Secondly, the company promotes safety, productivity and the welfare of its community through the design and up keep of its working environment. Thirdly, LPG aims to raise environmental awareness by ornamenting the health of its building. The company also comes up with new planning tools that enable comparison analysis of the socially responsible, environmentally conscious decision making. Products sustainability and practices has continually been improved as the company continues to establish signs that enable it to monitor its analysis. Lastly, the company urges the learning and environmental enquiry through the service of the department. The country recently equipped efficient lightings which led to the reduction in power consumption by a mere margin of forty percent, energy efficient fans, windows and greatly minimized heating and cooling cost. LPG provides a wide range of eco - friendly coffee services, paper based packaging, fast foods and expediency stores industries. The company offers full range services from product uniqueness and development to huge production and delivery. LPG manufacturing has been on the increase with big and attractive profits that are associated with better services that are attributed to the good management system that is characterized by the professionals that are in the company. Through this, it has managed to stay ahead of the rest of the company in the price competitive markets. The management at LPG believes that strict adherence to quality system is vital for the future of the company as well as the chief part in the LPB culture. The LPG manufacturing which was incorporated in 2001 is based in Cicero, Illinois and it functions as subsidiary of terrace paper co. Inc. (Slack, 2 004) Operations management In order for a business to succeed, it must be managed through three major purposes: marketing, finance and operations management. The vice president of each of these must report directly to the president or the CEO of the company. The other types of business functions that support these three major functions include; accounting, engineering, human recourse and purchasing. Finance is responsible for understanding customer wants, sales, and needs and bringing up customers demand. Operations management is responsible for planning the business, organizing and coordinating it. Management also control the resources needed to produce the goods and services. It is a management function that involves managing equipment, people, technology and information. It is the central processing nucleus of every company, whether the company is large or small, works for non profit, or provides provide physical good or service. Without proper operations there would be no goods or services to sell. The operations function is supported by all the other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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