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Accuracy of the movie: Kingdom of Heaven - Essay Example

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Ridley Scott’s 2005 epic movie Kingdom of Heaven is set in 12th century Jerusalem, mostly centering round the character of Balian of Ibelin [Orlando Bloom] as the Christian holy city struggles for supremacy against enemy forces led by Muslim leader Saladin. The movie however,…
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Accuracy of the movie: Kingdom of Heaven
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"Accuracy of the movie: Kingdom of Heaven"

Download file to see previous pages Secondly, Balian actually held a high position as one of the kingdom’s most prominent nobles; the movie however portrays him as a lowly blacksmith. Thirdly, the movie embroils Balian in a romantic alliance with Sibylla [Eva Green], daughter of King Baldwin IV [Edward Norton] whereas history records no such romance; in fact, Sibylla was romantically involved with Baldwin of Ibelin {Balian’s elder brother}, while Balian had a romance going with Sibylla’s step-mother Maria Comnena, whom he later married and who bore his offspring. Fourthly, the movie shows Balian conferring knighthood on anyone who was able to pick up a sword and defend Jerusalem when the army of Saladin [Ghassan Massoud] besieges it for nearly a month; historical records indicate Balian knighted only a few burgesses; moreover it would be practically impossible to knight every male who lived in Jerusalem as they numbered in tens of thousands. Fifthly, while the role of Balian in negotiating respectable surrender terms with Saladin is prominently highlighted, the movie not only neglects showing the positive roles of Sibylla and Jerusalem Patriarch Heraclius [Jon Finch], it portrays them in a bad light, even depicting Heraclius as a coward in the scene. Sixthly, the closing scenes of the film show King Richard I of England [Iain Glen] visiting Balian in France; there is no historical truth in this as Balian not only lacked French origin, but he did not return to France with Sibylla and her two daughters {the lady and her daughters instead perished of fever during the siege of Acre}; moreover Balian’s relationship with Richard I was antagonistic – Crusades records refer to Balian as “more false than a goblin,” and worthy of being “hunted with dogs” (
The second set of historical accuracies is about the Knights Templar. History records them as celibate soldiers who habitually wore special ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Accuracy of the Movie: Kingdom of Heaven Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Accuracy of the Movie: Kingdom of Heaven Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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