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In the paper “The Color Purple: Historical Accuracy” the author discusses the Color Purple Movie, which has a basis on the Novel with the same title reflecting the happenings in the society in the years between the 1960s and 1970s. The movies caught significant acclaim during this time…
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The Color Purple: Historical Accuracy
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The Color Purple: Historical Accuracy The Color Purple Movie has a basis on the Novel with the same reflecting the happenings in the society in the years between 1960s and 1970s. The release of the movie itself to the public audiences was in the year 1985 by the Spielberg productions. The movies caught significant acclaim during this time and many critics opposed it. The movie aroused controversies and led to heated debates concerning the cultural portrayal and racism against the black Americans and the black women.
The background of the movie revolves around the time of racial discrimination of the black communities. The setting shows a point in time when the black women faced oppression their black husbands. The reason behind the oppression is the frustration caused to their husbands by the whites who discriminated against them. Walker who is the writer of the script builds the woman character in the movie from a physical and psychologically abused perspective to an independent and strong person. Walker represents a period in which she was a victim of oppression and she became a feminist fighting for the rights of women at this time though his writings of novels and poems.
In conclusion, the movie accurately represents a period during which the oppression of the women more especially the black Americans was on the rise. During the time of the movies, the women were in slavery and this is shown through the effort of all the female characters to find liberation. The women are inferior to men and they have are prone to sexual, physical and psychological abuse.
Walker, Alice. The Color Purple. New York: Open Road Integrated Media, 2011. Print.
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