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It provides nice political lessons through its unique dramatic manner of presentation. A quick look through the movie clearly reminds the viewer about the old ways practiced back in Washington around 1860s (O’Brien Geoffrey: pp. 2)…
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History Civil War Movie - Lincoln (2012)
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Lincoln Movie Review Introduction Lincoln movie is a historical movie. It provides nice political lessons through its unique dramatic manner of presentation. A quick look through the movie clearly reminds the viewer about the old ways practiced back in Washington around 1860s (O’Brien Geoffrey: pp. 2). This is because of the attires in use, the story line and the way characters present themselves. Slavery was widespread by then, there were a series of civil wars and political divide. Even though this happened, it was all because the fight against slavery and force labor was winning the conquest.
Historical event
The movie appreciates the most remarkable historical event in the American history. The movie displays the efforts put forward by Abraham Lincoln during his last years in power to pass the 13th Amendment in the U.S. Constitution with the help of the House of Representatives. In this sense, some social issues like the rights to vote by the African Americans and women and slavery are among the contributors to its amendment. In Lincoln (2012), a key issue revolves around social class and not race. Lincoln used the North Industrialists to fund most of his campaigns because it gave them the power to levy heavy taxes on people living in the South so that the companies in the North can grow. Through this, there seems to be a divide between the two regions. The North was keen about economic prowess, land ownership, free markets and owning the bank of the United States. Since the South did not have a good representation, it underwent oppression through taxes. Regarding interests, the North was a racist hub with slavery being dominant in the South.
Historical significance
Through this Abraham Lincoln, while relating to the movie, the Unite States was able to enforce the Thirteenth Amendment in her constitution. In the amendment, the senate abolished the widespread slavery and involuntary servitude. The only exception in this amendment is when slavery is used as a corrective measure especially when punishing criminals.
Though the movie carries a good message, its storyline has no concrete documentation. Critics term the Lincoln (2012) movie as a misleading historical movie. For instance, in this movie, Lincoln, who is the President of the United States orders two of his congressional representatives to use all means to pass the 13th amendment. The President in the movie uses this phrase to show authority:
“I am president of the United States, clothed in immense power, and I expect you to procure those votes.” (Scott: pp. C1).
Critics in some way agree with the quote because historical documentation proves so. However, the tone in the command, the facial expression as well as the context in which it happens, according to critics does not have evidence to proof it. History documentation depicts Abraham Lincoln as a good, confident and an admirable leader. This is a true contrast according to the movie storyline. Lincoln, in the movie appears to use some kind of dictatorship, bribery and favourism to up his political game.
The movie is a great masterpiece. It reflects the true-life events that America faced at one point. Even though some of the events in the movie face criticism, they are bound to happen. In 1865, the efforts to pass the slavery bill were effective. The movie shows this historical significance. Steven Spielberg has contributed by documenting such a historical milestone through the movie. However, there seem to be many issues regarding accuracy. Making people believe, it needs to be accurate. This is because a good number of people have been victims of such wars and can tell the true happenings.
Work cited
O’Brien Geoffrey. ‘Lincoln’: A More Authentic Wonderment. New York: NY Books. 2012. Print.
Scott A., O. A President Engaged in a Great Civil War. The New York Times 9 November 2012. C1. Print. Read More
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