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The General Name Institution The General Introduction The General, released on 5th February, 1927 is a splendid and captivating movie to watch. Directed and written by Buster Keaton and Clyde Bruckman, the movie became a success after it got released. In the movie, Buster Keaton featured as the main character, Johnnie, a conductor of the train, The General…
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Movie Review: The General
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Download file to see previous pages Summary of the movie In regard to the summary of the movie, Johnnie was a guy in love with two things: The train called The General on which he was a conductor and Annabelle. When the War began, Johnnie became the first people at the recruitment office, but got rejected since they thought he was more valuable as an engineer. Therefore, Annabelle refused because he was not in the army. When the Union spies capture the train Johnnie loved together with Annabelle, he goes after them targeting to rescue both. Johnnie pursues the captured train using another train, The Texas. After pursuing the Unionists that later learnt that one man was after them, they started chasing after Johnnie (Timothy & Patricia, 2012). Johnnie entered in a forest and then later discovered the hideout for the Unionists. It was while hidden inside, that he overheard their next plan against the Confederates. Johnnie manages to plot an escape with Annabelle and took her to The General. It then becomes Johnnie roles to run away faster before the Unionists capture him and inform the Confederates of the Unionists latest plan. Plot The film becomes based on a fictionalized plot based on Lieutenant William Pittenger in The Great Locomotive Chase. The Lieutenant undertook Union spies in 1862 near Atlanta and involved a Confederate train. The Union attempted to raid the train called, the general and wretched tracks, communications and bridges as they went away with it (Timothy & Patricia, 2012). The train became captured with the help of the Lieutenant 10 miles away from the border and the spies hanged. An award became given in 1862 to one of the Raiders that help rescue the train, James Andrews, who was not even in the military. The movie hence became based on a true life story. Cinematography The movie displays marvelous technical plus structural perfection, realistic romance, playful comic inventiveness and non-chalant graceful, including fluid athleticism as seen from Keaton. The movie also employs some realistic stunts making the movie more real to the audience viewing the film. It also got uncontrived, non-stop motion, free-flowing set-pieces, plus a preoccupation with authenticity made parts of the film representing the American Civil War. Setting Part of the film became shot near Tennessee, Cowan, between Chattanooga and Nashville. Another location for the film became around Cottage Grove, alongside Oregon's Row River. This site became used for shooting the scene where the two trains, The General and The Texas meet (Timothy & Patricia, 2012). In the film, The General train was not the real one, but the Texas train used for the crash scene was the real one. The film got a distinctive civil war setting plus location setting. It became shot in Oregon since they required to have a narrow gauge railroad track featured in the film. Matthew Brady provided an excellent photography for the movie, especially the extensive actions that involved the two trains. Characters In relation to the characters, Buster Keaton playing Johnnie in The general, brings out the heroic nature of the character. Johnnie was the first person to volunteer to join the army when the war started depicted how brave and heroic. Johnnie became determined to fight for his country. In as much as he got no chance to become a soldier to save his country, he managed to get a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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