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Julie Taymor - Movie Review Example

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Name: Institution: Course: Instructor: Date: Julie Taymor Julie is an American film director born in 1952. She is one of the most respected and awarded female film directors in the world. Being a daughter to a gynecologist father and a mother who is a professor of political science, Julie grew up in a purely academic environment…
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Julie Taymor Movie Review
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Download file to see previous pages She also moved to Japan where she studied puppetry, Japanese plays and general theatre. Julie has stood up as an iconic figure in the film industry, she is among the first female film directors to have a successive conversion of pieces in theatre to film. She has won many awards due to her immense ability. She directed different classic operas in Japan and in the United States. Notable was the “Oedipus Rex” which earned her an Emmy award; the lion king which earned a Toni’s award and many others that have earned her a place in history books. She is an all round director working well in theatre, operas and films. Titus Titus originally was a play; that is, Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare. It was adapted and crafted into a movie by the famous and artistic producer; Julie taymor. The movie was released in the year 2000 by Julie. Titus Andronicus is one of the bloodiest and the most gruesome play ever written by Shakespeare. It is a story of betrayal and vengeance (Berardenelli, 21). In this particular film, it is easy to understand the artistic ability in Julie as she takes to task one of the relatively most unloved plays by Shakespeare and creates it into a huge movie success. There is fusion of times all depicted in the props in use. The costume take us back into the ancient Roman Empire and brings us back to the modern day Italy with an ease that may not be usually simple to depict by most directors. The story which is based on Titus Andronicus who is an aged commander of the Roman Empire’s army return to Rome. He returns after a finished conquering expedition on the Goths. This introductory part has the most artistic directorial ability being manifest; first the idea of casting, Julie here chose to have Anthony Hopkins play the part. Anthony with his powerful voice and steady posture depicts the legendary command in a near perfect way. The role played by his brother Marcus (Colm Feore) was intelligently done as the physical similarities of the two people is not of great dispute. Titus returns and his brother wants to install him as emperor but he refuses and supports the candidature of one Sartunius who is quickly confirmed and announces that he will get married to his benefactors’ daughter Laviniah. Sartunius’ own brother rejects the claims by Sartunius that he has already been engaged to Laviniah (Titus’ daughter). The emperor chooses another girl and the lucky one being Tamora the Queen of the Goths who had been captured. She schemes’ her way a round to get revenge against Titus who had been responsible for the death of her son. With the help of her lover she causes the death of Bassiunus, allows Laviniah to be raped and mutilated, and further causes the abduction of Titus’ two sons. This revives the violent spirit of Titus. The rage and vengeance creates the subject matter of the film. Julie portrays the reality of the situation without having to make the viewers go through the agony of seeing the violent scenes. She on the contrary indicates the aftermath of the violent scenes perfectly and leaves the rest to imagination without leaving out the nity gritty’s of the script (Holden, 23). Taymor sets pace for the other filmmakers, giving a platform to showcase any script without having to include aspects that may injure the viewer of acts that may not in essence do justice to the piece and their removal does not affect the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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