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Desperately Seeking susan by Susan Seidelman - Movie Review Example

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At times, it emerges that complexities and frivolities of modern life seek a siege. Entertaining cinema at that point of time becomes the need of the hour. If an individual has to seek full entertainment and feel the flavour of comedy truly, he/she needs to watch films like “Desperately Seeking Susan” directed by Susan Seidelman. …
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Desperately Seeking susan by Susan Seidelman
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Extract of sample "Desperately Seeking susan by Susan Seidelman"

Download file to see previous pages The film, “Desperately Seeking Susan” might captivate many socio-cultural themes, but at the outset it is a full length comedy drama set to entertain audiences watching the film. The film does not contain any serious material apparently then a general inquisition occurs as to what actually is captivated within the short running span of 104 minutes drama that has allured, enchanted and glued the audiences to their seats while watching the film. The romance of the film is definitely inherent within its fanciful plot, extreme comedic actions of the characters, costumes and settings. However, no one can undermine the presence of the two powerful divas on the screen chasing and running after each other and last but not the least chasing madly behind recovering their pair of Egyptian ear ring which they think has been stolen. Director Susan Seidelman employs many devices that were improvised from the Elizabethan comedies in a Shakespearean hue, the devices of mistaken identity, amnesia and farce are employed to build the plot of the comedy “Desperately Seeking Susan” which make the film totally laughter generating. It has been truly observed and remarked that once you get to watch the film, “Desperately Seeking Susan” an individual has no option but to unleash his/her intellectual faculty, stop exercising their grey matters and gobble the jewellery clad divas Rosanna Arquette and Madonna. The film stars Robert Joy, Laurie Metcalf and Aidan Quinn as well.
As regards to the plot of the film, it happens to be the weakest part. A bored housewife played by Rosanna sees the classified ad where she views that a place and time has been sought by Susan who wants to fix a rendezvous with a person who is interested to meet her. Getting highly attracted by the ad, Rosanna fixes a meeting with Susan played by Madonna and gets so seriously involved into this meeting and the act of seeking people by Susan that she becomes Susan for a while. The plot of the film is genuinely unpredictable and its ending is the most unprecedented one. Thus, such kind of unprecedented occurrence creates a sense of perplexity amid the viewing audience which in turn can create disengagement. However, there are much more strong appeals and facets of the film which make it worth watching. The film captivates the audience with varied enchanting scenarios presented within the plot which act as a glue for the audience. The in and around of New York city as captivated by the camera of Seidelman is the remarkable thing to watch in the film. The film has moments and those moments are created by a volley of good actors like Aidan Quinn and Robert Joy. Thus, there is no wonder that the appeal of the two ladies Rosanna and Madonna, their exuberant and loud costumes along with voluptuous presence make the film more alluring. A true mark of entertaining cinema is imbibed within the screenplay of “Desperately Seeking Susan” manifested by the screenplay of Leora Barish. When I look towards the phenomena involving the true success of the film, “Desperately Seeking Susan”, it really feels great to acknowledge the use of all the actors even the supporting actors within the film so elaborately that it provides the film a different dimension altogether. The small roles ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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