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G. I. Jane - Movie Review Example

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G. I. Jane feature film depicts a determined woman's courage of conviction and her fight against stereotype image and discrimination of women in a men's world - rather an exclusive man's domain earlier, i.e., the American Army. It is a world where societal norms and standards are set by men for all others to observe and follow…
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G. I. Jane Movie
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Extract of sample "G. I. Jane"

Download file to see previous pages Director, Producer and Writers of this film are Ridley Scott and Roger Birnbaum; and Danielle Alexandra and David Twohy (writers) respectively. Main actors are Demi Moore (as Jordan O'Neil), Viggo Mortensen (Master Chief James Urgayle) and Anne Bancroft (Sen. Lillian DeHaven). Film officially released on 22 August 1997. Cinematography goes to Hugh Johnson while Editor is Pietro Scalia. It is distributed by Hollywood Pictures (United States). Budget is $50,000,000. Running time is 124 minutes.
G. I. Jane covers internal and external conflicts a modern and upright woman faces in this man dominated American culture. This film presents diverse aspects of psychology and sensitivities of a contemporary woman. Causal restlessness of women versus stereotype discriminatory attitudes of men is shown in this film in very effective way. This restiveness turns into O'Neil's struggle to claim her dignity of being an equal human being. Women's sexual discrimination even in professional institutions like the national army is also characterized in this feature film.
This film addresses gender concepts such as sex-role congruency, androcentrism, traditional stereotype military culture, sexist discrimination of women against a backdrop of norms set up by man dominated socio-political ethos. Characters like Jordan O'Neil are related as deviants in this situation - be it military, social, political or otherwise (Andrews 74-94, Dunivin 531-547, Norman 56-57, Palmer 1687).
During military training, O'Neil had to use steps while climbing wall in a live-fire session. Cortez left her in the lurch. Still she could finish her live-fire exercise well in time though with some extra time allowed for women. Had O'Neil been participating like all other men, she would not have required additional concession given to her. Had Cortez been in her place, he might have failed in live-fire timing!
In a combat operation, O'Neil saved the life of Master Chief James Urgayle. In another scene, she had been to the Senator to ask for equal treatment to her vis--vis other men in the army while the concerned Senator was behind a plan to fire her out from army due to motivated political vested interests.
G. I. Jane is replete with such instances of O'Neil voicing her fight for equal treatment to her in the army. She even went to the barber to cut her beautiful long hair just to look like other men in the army.
All these instances of O'Neil's fight point to inherent overt and covert attitudes of men towards women as examples of gender concepts anent sex-role congruency, androcentrism, traditional stereotype image and sexist discrimination of women. Such pointers focus attention of the viewer of G. I. Jane on the deep rooted psychological malaise and traditional outlook towards women in society, State and politics.
Women are serving national army from the First World War onwards. Despite this, the context of proper socialization of women-in-combat is still a ticklish matter. Women-in-combat becomes even more controversial for it confronts societal stereotype gender roles, military readiness, military effectiveness, and unequal opportunities. This situation of varied sex discrimination of women continues although -- in the name of equality between the sexes -- gender-norming stands introduced to the military since 1970s. Gender-norming is there for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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G. I. Jane Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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