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Children of heaven - Movie Review Example

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[Author’s name] Children of Heaven ‘Children of Heaven’ is a 1997 film directed and written by Majid Majidi that tells the tale of two siblings, Ali and Zahra, who are caught up in an inconvenient arrangement because of a lost pair of pink shoes due to former’s carelessness…
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Children of heaven
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"Children of heaven"

Download file to see previous pages As a result, Ali and Zahra decide to share Ali’s converse; Zahra’s wears it to school for her morning class and races back to Ali, so he can wear them to his afternoon class. The pair bicker and clash like any other siblings, but yet stick together and help each other in solving their predicament. I. Family ties and Social Network The shoes are symbolic of the family’s poverty which slowly unravels and emboldens the many challenges on a daily basis throughout the course of the movie. Due to this reason, the children do not get their parents involved in the matter, which would have only added to their financial troubles. The only way they can coordinate is by exchanging notes and taking advantage of their parents’ illiteracy. Ali’s concern for his sister and family’s financial condition highlights the significance of family values in the Iranian society. Despite their young age and innocence, Ali realizes the magnitude of his irresponsibility and therefore tries his best to make up to his sister and faces all sorts of mishaps. The film not only focuses on family values and importance, but also depicts a strong sense of trust shared by all members of the community. The people are considerate and greatly concerned for the wellbeing of everyone else. When Zahra and Ali finally discover that her pink shoes were actually picked up by the blind trash scavenger, who gave them to his young daughter; they actually give up their entire plan of retrieving those shoes. The aforementioned aspect clearly portrays that the siblings are endowed with the same kind of consideration for others as their community members. They can relate to the other girl’s situation which then causes them to continue with their previous arrangement. Community spirit is an integral theme of the movie, which is clearly deeply instilled within the young children, who despite their own financial hardships are capable of empathizing with the other girl as well. The consideration within the community is further evident when Ali’s teacher tries to save Ali from getting in trouble with the principal when he fails to reach school on time. The community spirit and filial piety is truly heartwarming especially with Ali, who begins to accompany his father to the suburbs, where he helps him talk to the rich residents of the area to help him get work. It is shown that Ali fully understands his responsibility as a son and assists his father as much as he can. Ali understands that his father works hard to get his children educated and it is the fulfillment of these filial duties that end up becoming a crucial turning point in the plot of the movie. (Ebert, 2011) II. The divide between the rich and the poor As poverty is a recurring theme in the movie, it further juxtaposes the lifestyle of the rich and poor to demonstrate the ever-increasing schism in the society. While the main object of conflict is the missing pair of shoes, which is an object usually taken for granted for the privileged ones but in Ali’s household, they are a valuable possession. Besides the plot, the filmmakers have made use of great cinematography that has played an exceptional role in portraying rural life. The scene where Ali and his father are actually riding towards the suburbs, the camera shifts from the medieval streets and dirt roads, to the high rises and beautiful bungalows situated in Northern Tehran. There ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Children of Heaven Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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