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Dissertation theme: Financial costs and consequences of the Iraq conflict - Essay Example

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The approach is purely neutral and concerns itself with the accounting and financial aspects only. The study focuses on the implications of the war for…
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Dissertation theme: Financial costs and consequences of the Iraq conflict
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Extract of sample "Dissertation theme: Financial costs and consequences of the Iraq conflict"

Download file to see previous pages The United States is the most visible and active participant and the effect of the conflict is naturally highest for the US as a country. Moreover, information about the conflict and its effect on the US is more accessible and available to a researcher than for any other participant, and hence I have decided to approach the issue from the American side.
Armed conflicts evoke intense emotions and much of the discussion on the Iraq conflict also takes on a philosophical or ideological tint. However, I intend to look at the Iraq conflict as objectively as possible, from an accountant’s point of view, focusing on its financial aspects since it began in 2003.
Wars and conflicts undoubtedly cost much in terms of men, money and materials, but at least some of the participants do so with the intention of getting some benefit. The Iraq conflict is no exception and the US also hopes to derive some benefits, even as it incurs costs.
The Iraq conflict is a premeditated, planned act of the US Government, and should have been subject to deep study and deliberation. The financial and other costs are supposedly subject to strict cost analyses, especially since the costs involved are huge. These costs go beyond the Government’s budgetary allocations to include other direct economic costs. Loss of life, injuries and their treatment, loss of productivity of civilians mobilized into the National Guard and Reserve troops are some of the other costs. Future costs arising out of the consequences of the conflict may also be substantial. There are also benefits, such as the funds earlier spent on enforcing UN sanctions. Other benefits may include gains on the oil front and the saving of people who escape killing at the hands of the Saddam regime. This study aims to throw some light on these issues.
A preliminary review of literature on the topic reveals the existence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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