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Leadership and Financial Goal Setting of Top SMEs - Dissertation Example

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The study "Leadership and Financial Goal Setting of Top SMEs" will try to focus on financial activity of the chosen SMEs and their tasks regarding leadership, personal growth of their employees and the business approach of their managers in general. …
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Leadership and Financial Goal Setting of Top SMEs
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"Leadership and Financial Goal Setting of Top SMEs"

Download file to see previous pages ExplanationIt is good to study on this subject because there will be additional knowledge on how SMEs try to adapt some changes in the leadership process as their way to integrate financial stability with their daily business operation. Research aim:The overall purpose of this dissertation is to find out the link between leadership and financial goal setting of top SMEs in the UK. This has to be found out from ten of the best 100 SMEs in the UK. Thus, at the end of this study, the proponent will achieve concrete information about the role of leadership activities and its form in the financial goal setting of top SMEs in the UK. The business world is always looking forward to increase revenue and minimise expenses in order to ensure either profit or good business performance (Liu and Wang, 2008; Abi and Shimizutani, 2007; Ingene and Parry, 1995). The very activity of achieving this is focused on maximising financial concerns in order to achieve the bottom line.Trying to come up with something new in the business is focused on many aspects but financial activities and business performance seem to be at the top priority (Hallin et al., 2011; Liao and Rice, 2010). Therefore, it is important to bear in mind that there has to be other considerations when it comes to other significant activities on how to maximise business performance.Considering that business is dependent on human resource as one of its best assets, it is important to consider that people have to be redirected to perform the vision. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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