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Billys Method of Accomplishing His Goals in the Movie Money Ball - Essay Example

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The essay describes the method Billy uses to accomplish his goals in the movie Money Ball while including the theories and concepts of organizational behavior. Finally, the essay uses a problem and solution approach in Billy’s philosophy to argue or offer support to the points…
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Billys Method of Accomplishing His Goals in the Movie Money Ball
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Extract of sample "Billys Method of Accomplishing His Goals in the Movie Money Ball"

Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that organizational behavior is important in fostering and maintaining cordial organizational relationships. It helps in improving relations between management and the employees. Furthermore, it is important in helping the leader of the organization understand what motivates his or her employees to work in certain ways. Understanding the basis of motivation leads to the management getting things done easily and through delegation of duties. Also, the understanding organizational behavior is imperative in the sense that it helps in understanding organizational life. The different people and workers who encompass the important organization. It helps in understanding them and how they relate to the organization to ensure peaceful and meaningful coexistence. Billy uses a method that is unique in the accomplishment of his intended goals and the goals of his baseball team. This method recognizes that his team does not have the financial muscle and might to compete with the big financially well-off teams. Despite that fact, Billy uses a new method to study players who have been overlooked and unappreciated due to varying degrees of problems among others. The inability of the Billy’s Oakland Athletics team to acquire talent through their financial might forces him down through using other methods in acquiring the necessary talents. Billy uses a new method based on statistical analysis of players. The method was new and unheard of in the Baseball game which was started by the man Billy recruited from a meeting. The research and analytics based method helped the team to identify undervalued players from the competitive major league baseball talent pool. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Billys Method of Accomplishing His Goals in the Movie Money Ball Essay)
Billys Method of Accomplishing His Goals in the Movie Money Ball Essay.
“Billys Method of Accomplishing His Goals in the Movie Money Ball Essay”, n.d.
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