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Corporal punishment - Essay Example

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However, there are inevitable times when parents are unable to control their anger or temper when disciplining a child. This result to the infliction of pain, in order to emphasize that what had…
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Corporal punishment
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Extract of sample "Corporal punishment"

Download file to see previous pages Although corporal punishment’s aim is to impose discipline, parents, guardians and the like must carefully re-consider its effects on the child’s emotional, psychological, and physical well-being. In effect, corporal punishment is not an option in disciplining a child, but is basically a threat towards the child’s overall development.
By definition, corporal punishment is the deliberate infliction of pain, intended to correct behavior or to punish (Wikipedia, 2006). Various efforts in support of this corporal punishment attest that such form of discipline must be considered as the pains an individual suffer early in life is translated into feelings of emotional wholeness. Children who underwent corporal punishment strive harder to reach greater goals in life.
Proponents of this concept emphasize that fact that it is the most effective form of discipline, particularly for uncontrollable and unmanageable children. Delinquent children are uncontrollable simply because they think their parents do not care about whatever they do. At times, they think their actions are admissible due to their parents’ lack of interest. On the extreme side, their parents do dissuade them against harm’s way, but in effect these types of children are still unthreatened by their parents’ disciplining ways. As the end justifies the means, corporal punishment becomes the only viable solution to delinquent children or to those children who have uncontrollable behavior. Furthermore, it is the easiest way to impose and manage discipline.
In addition, parents’ use of harder forms of physical punishment may have less impact on a child, as opposed to the use of emotional violence. There are children who view corporal punishment as a way to feel the love and respect of their parents. By means of spanking, children are able to perceive that their parents still care for them; hence they still spend time and attention through the discipline they impose. If ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Corporal Punishment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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...are not available in concrete terms. According to Dupper and Dingus (2008), based on the findings of the Society for Adolescent Medicine in 2003, “There is no data demonstrating that the use of corporal punishment is associated with enhanced social skills or self-control skills over time.” Perhaps, there are isolated cases where corporal punishment has had its positive effects in one or two children or even several groups of children. However, there have been no longitudinal or developmental studies or even case studies of children who have really improved throughout the course of time with constant corporal punishment. Perhaps, one...
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...can be stated then that guarding responsible parenthood should have been the first matter that these countries had looked into. Responsible parenthood should be also be approached first for further studies and development by these professional organizations since it is the behavior of the parents first that should be controlled. After all, the parents are the immediate adults the children interact with and not the people from the state or from the research clinics. CITED WORKS “Corporal Punishment.” Children, Youth, and Families. American Psychological Association. 30 January 2009 <>. “Legal Reforms.” Discipline and the Law. 15 November 2008. The Center for Effective Discipline. 31 January 2009...
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... training session” with her mom and stepfather. (Callebs, S., 2007) According to the mother, the toddler was having difficulty saying “please” and “yes, sir”. Obviously, this situation has gone beyond reasonable. Riley Ann’s parents were sent to jail for parricide. In Montreal, Quebec, a 9-year old autistic boy was found lifeless in his classroom on April 17, 2008 due to suffocation from a therapeutic blanket wrapped around his head by his teacher as a punishment for being disruptive. (Glocwood, R., 2009) Corporal punishment for children is not a new thing. It has been practiced even before civilization as we know it. Since ancient times, corporal punishment on children has been recorded in literature, art and science. (Ten Bensel...
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Under the English criminal law, several past and current legislations were made in order to protect the children from corporal punishment or becoming a victim of physical abuse. Despite our effort to prevent parents from using physical force in disciplining their children, the British Government remains unconvinced that the law which protects the children from physical punishment is sufficient (Keating, 2008). Physical punishment such as ‘smacking’, ‘slapping’, ‘kicking’, or ‘spanking’ is referring to the act of causing a degree of pain or discomfort to the child. (Niland, 2009, p. 6) With regard to the legal issues behind child protection against physical abuse, this study aims to d...
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Although deemed a controversial topic by many, the use of capital punishment, or in other words, the death sentence, is a widely used method of punishing convicts in homicidal crimes. The use of the death sentence has the notoriety of being an inhumane and barbaric form of justice. On the other hand, many believe that it is the consequence that is rightfully deserved to people who co...
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... physical exercises or degrading punishment (Greydanus et al. 385). The most common type of corporal punishment in schools is paddling students’ buttocks (Farmer and Stinson 1038). The debate on corporal punishment emphasizes it pros and cons on various aspects of student behavior. Corporal punishment in schools have the pros of affirming personal, religious, and cultural beliefs about punishment’s role in changing misbehaviors, getting instant behavioral changes, and constitutionality, however, its cons outweigh these pros, especially when it is not an effective form of changing bad behaviors across settings and timeframes, it is not effective in improving respect for authority, it does not enhance moral behaviors and self-control...
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