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Corporal Punishment in School - Essay Example

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15 July 2012. Corporal punishment in school: This essay is primarily based on discussing the issue of whether corporal punishment should be legalized, introduced, or justified in all schools around the globe or not…
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Corporal Punishment in School
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"Corporal Punishment in School"

Download file to see previous pages Though not taking proper actions to restrict offensive behavior of certain students could lead to serious consequences in a classroom yet inflicting serious injuries on the students by using aggressive techniques like caning could also lead to much more devastating consequences. Facts and discussion presented in this essay are basically meant to illuminate the reality of the claim that “corporal punishment could be seriously bad for the mental and moral wellbeing of the students which is why it should not be allowed to be introduced in the schools as a way of coping mechanism.” It is a fact that presently there are many national and international campaigns in action against corporal punishment and this is because the disadvantages offered by this form of punishment outweigh the few rewards guaranteed by it. There are many valid reasons for outlawing corporal punishment in the schools. Though people favoring corporal punishment suggest that not using such a practical form of punishment reinforces bad behavior, others opinion that by hitting the students in any way and inflicting bodily harm, no good can come out in context of behavioral, emotional, and moral development. There exists no sound connection between student achievement and corporal punishment which is why it should not be allowed to be used in any school. There exist many other ways save this form of punishment to correct any bad action displayed by any student which include good therapy session conducted by the teachers themselves or polishing the communication policy. When the teachers take care to talk sense into their students out of the teaching hours, the students realize that they are valued by their teachers and feel more secure to confide in them. Instead of communicating, such inexperienced teachers rely on corporal punishment to restrict bad behavior which in turn hardens the students most of the times and they develop immunity to any form of corrective strategy used by the teachers. The chance for them of developing low self-esteems also heightens which could lead them to depression and anxiety problems, hence exacerbating the already bad situation. Also in response to corporal punishment, the students might begin to think that every situation could be resolved with physical violence (Lyon). There exists huge amount of scientific evidence suggesting that when a student is reprimanded seriously in front of the entire class by either caning or slapping, serious mental remodeling takes place in that student which is most often for the worse. It is claimed by Dr. Newell that “all people have the right to protection of their physical integrity, and children are people too” (cited in Schamotta). This suggests that children have a right to their physical integrity and this right can be seriously violated by corporal punishment. Critics, parents, and educationists who favor corporal punishment suggest that this method is capable of effectively restraining bad behavior before it envelops the entire classroom. It also stimulates the students to grow up into responsible and fearful citizens in addition to decreasing the level of crime in the schools. However, attention should be paid to the fact that corporal punishment has been banned in so many parts of the world and most of the states in America due to a valid reason. If it really were capable of offering so many benefits, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Corporal Punishment: A Cultural and Legal Dilemma
In some countries it is illegal to exercise corporal punishment at home. In several western countries the use of corporal punishment by parents or teachers is now sternly forbidden. If a teacher physically punishes a child s/he will be put on trial and is likely to be terminated and prohibited from teaching again, regardless how severe the offence may have been.
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Why is Corporal Punishment Still Use in Africa What are the Alternatives
In a research conducted in Uganda (Naker 2005) over 1400 children and almost 1100 adults were surveyed about their experiences with violence, punishment and discipline. It was revealed that physical punishment was a most common practice in all over the country.
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Corporal Punishment on School
Ultimately, long ago, corporal punishment did come in administration normally and no one could complain. Patently, as time went by, law enactors did associate themselves to matters of running the school, this made many teachers face the law, and even some went under detention (Graziano and Kunce 130).
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Should corporal punishment be permitted in public schools
It is evident that the relevant point of banning corporal punishment goes to a strong discourse whether or not it is an effective means of deterrent. Let us therefore look at it closely if indeed it is not an effective preventive act of correcting misbehaviors particularly among children.
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The Relationship Between Socioeconomic Status (SES) and Corporal Punishment
For young children, it is assumed that much of the influence of SES on development is mediated directly through what parents afford by way of financial and human capital. As children age, SES increasingly operates through the social capital afforded by parents and through neighborhood-community connections and resources.
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Corporal punishment
In a child’s point-of-view, pain becomes equated to misbehavior, as more misbehavior leads to more pain. On the other hand, there are cases in which a single misbehavior leads to more harsh infliction of pain. Anger, combined with the will to inflict pain does
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The benifits/advantages of corporal punishment
Most states abolished this form of discipline in schools and jails because there several instances that the disciplinarians used excessive forces making the victim to sustain injuries and sometimes death occurred. In some societies, corporal
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Child discipline and corporal punishment
Naturally, the parent should try to assess the situation first in order not to put the child in a dangerous situation like, thus it would be stupid to think about leaving him or her in a dark alley at night. One advantage of this is that the parent himself will not be held responsible for any act of corporal punishment that is in turn punishable by the law. 
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