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Extent of Force for Maintaining School Discipline - Research Paper Example

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This paper Extent of Force for Maintaining School Discipline talks that discipline is perhaps the most intricate part of an educator’s job. Maintaining classroom discipline is an influential ability of great teachers. Forcing students to comply with school discipline can be done in verbal and physical ways…
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Extent of Force for Maintaining School Discipline
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Extract of sample "Extent of Force for Maintaining School Discipline"

Download file to see previous pages It is more likely that student will produce effective results and will correct the problem. Sugai, Sprague, Horner, and Walker, (2000) conducted a study to prevent violence at school. Sugai, Sprague, Horner, and Walker, (2000) stated that an upsurge is seen in the number of incidents related to violent behavior in schools. Educators are demanded to make schools safer. However, schools receive very little assistance and guidance in their endeavors to develop and retain a proactive discipline system. Sugai, Sprague, Horner, and Walker, (2000) provide an idea related to how office discipline referrals can be used as source of information in order to manage, monitor, and modify their interventions for schools that exhibit high rate of behavioral problems (Sugai, Sprague, Horner, and Walker, 2000). Hyman, and Perone, (1998) contributed a study related to impact of policies and procedures of educators on misbehavior of students in schools. Hyman, and Perone, (1998) stated that victimization of students by administrators, instructors, teachers, and other staff members of school, mostly under the name of discipline seldom contribute to alienation, aggression, or misbehavior of student. Yet, Hyman, and Perone, (1998) states that how these policies may contribute to school violence are mentioned in anecdotal evidence, survey data, and clinical studies. Assistance of school psychologists can be taken for the prevention programs (Hyman, and Perone, 1998). Unruly Behavior of Students – Statistics According to Daily Mail Reporter, (2011), teachers are more likely to be given powers to handle disruptive behavior of students in schools by using force on students. The ministry is...
This essay stresses that when verbal forcing fails, the need of physical forcing emerges. This approach of disciplinary action often undermines the ability of student and results in nuisance in school system. Traditional approaches to maintain discipline have always remained punitive, negative, and reactive; therefore, they often lead to bad feelings for all the relevant parties. A positive approach to maintaining school discipline is to design a process that encourages good performance and solve performance problems. The basic notion behind this approach is to treat a student like an adult who need to solve a problem, instead of treating him like a child who must be punished. It is more likely that student will produce effective results and will correct the problem.
This paper makes a conclusion that teachers are more likely to be given powers to handle disruptive behavior of students in schools by using force on students. The ministry is seeking ‘unequivocally restore adult authority to the classroom’ after observing statistics related to increasing level of aggressive behavior in schools. The previous system in U.S. focused on ‘no touch’ policies but it is most likely to be replaced by new policies. Previously, teachers were not allowed to touch students in the course of teaching them an instrument or aiding them in an accident. After this amendment, teachers will be able to use reasonable force to prevent student from leaving or eject disruptive students from the classroom. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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