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Critically discuss the role of the nures in the promotion of continence in older people - Essay Example

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Faecal incontinence can be defined as the involuntary or inappropriate passage of faeces. Incontinence can have a devastating effect on the person…
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Critically discuss the role of the nures in the promotion of continence in older people
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Extract of sample "Critically discuss the role of the nures in the promotion of continence in older people"

Download file to see previous pages ically evaluate this role played by the nurse while linking incontinence to the ageing process, examining attitudes to it, the impact it has on older persons and their family, and looking at the strategies used in health promotion and rehabilitation as well as the steps taken by the National Service Framework for Older People.
Most people assume that incontinence is a part of ageing. However in reality this is far removed from the truth. The human body as it ages, invariably shows signs of wear and tear and bodily functions tend to become slow and rusty. Therefore older people are more vulnerable to numerous ailments and such illnesses weaken the body further. And yet, “None of these age-related changes cause incontinence, but they do predispose the elderly to it” (DuBeau, 2002 p.12). Therefore a brief study of the anatomy and physiology will help in understanding the age-related factors that pre-empt incontinence.
The urinary system has a vital part in maintaining health in the human body. And it is on the urinary system that the inexorable process of ageing takes its toll. The kidney is the chief organ in the excretory system and as it ages it is unable to function as before. In the words of Nazarko (2002 p.134), “the weight of the average kidney decreases from 250 grams to 200 grams between the ages of 20 and 80”. There is reduced blood flow to the kidney, further hampering its functioning. Studies have shown that with increasing age there is marked reduction in the glomerular filtration rate. Therefore according to Addison (1999), “… there is less efficient response to water depletion and older people tend to continue to produce more urine which is also less concentrated than that produced by a younger person”(cited in Wilson 2003 p.142). This situation particularly when further exacerbated by illness may lead to incontinence.
As the person ages there is reduced bladder capacity coupled with reduced sensitivity. The former condition is brought ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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