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Discuss Principles of Teaching and Learning in Relation to a Teaching Session and Reflect on the Experience of Teaching a Studen - Essay Example

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Discuss principles of teaching and learning in relation to a teaching session and reflect on the experience of teaching a student or a patient Name Institution Course Date Discuss principles of teaching and learning in relation to a teaching session and reflect on the experience of teaching a student or a patient The principles of teaching make the process of imparting knowledge to the students remarkably efficient…
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Discuss Principles of Teaching and Learning in Relation to a Teaching Session and Reflect on the Experience of Teaching a Studen
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Extract of sample "Discuss Principles of Teaching and Learning in Relation to a Teaching Session and Reflect on the Experience of Teaching a Studen"

Download file to see previous pages They help educators to analyze the quality of instruction they deliver to learners and the opportunities they offer to students. People refer to the principles of learning as laws of learning (Amin and Khoo, 2003). This paper covers the various applications of principles of learning that educators apply in the nursing profession. These principles are tremendously vital in the nursing profession. This is because they enable nurses and other professionals with the responsibility of teaching to impart relevant and sufficient material to their respective students. The principles give additional insight on the things that make people learn in the most efficient manner. Scientists have discovered them, tested them, and used them in practical situations and thus making them reliable and applicable in the profession (Killen, 2006). These principles are particularly vital in the nursing profession since they enable teachers and students to reflect on practice. It also supports professional dialogue that is the parties use to strengthen pedagogical practices. Role of the nurse as educator A Nurse educator is a professional person who has undergone advanced educational and clinical training and has spent many years in the healthcare specialty. There are various core skills that strengthen the nursing workforce in the process of providing peer mentorship. These include a combination of a passion for teaching and clinical expertise. These are the specialized skills that differentiate the nurse educator and other clinical professionals. For one to be an excellent clinical educator, a passion for teaching is particularly vital. One should engage in practices that they have an interest in, and this makes the work easy. One should also posses various learning and teaching principles and skills that should guide them in the process of imparting knowledge to other people (Callara, 2008). The nurse educators have a responsibility of designing and evaluating academic programs for clinical staff and the nurses. Having worked in the profession for a long period, they have the necessary and appropriate experience that they have gathered to make decisions concerning what should be taught to clinical staff. They are aware of the changes that should be made to make the professionals improve their skills and expertise significantly. They alter various educational programs that include degrees, certificates, and other informal, continuing educational programs so that they can meet various individual learning needs (Georgii, 2011). In the world today, people expect the nurse educators to redefine the learning process for better work-flow and outcomes of various educational systems. This will make sure that the educational system is in line with the diverse and ever-changing environment of healthcare. Through this, they will sufficiently guide patients and students through the process of learning (Killen, 2006). Nurses have a role of imparting new computer technologies to their preceptors and patients. The nurse educators serve the teaching role in community health and schools education events. With advancement in technology, the nurse educators play an extraordinarily vital role in ensuring the community is conversant with the emerging technological advancements. The nurses who have gathered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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