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Engaging with Vulnerable People - Essay Example

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Engaging with Vulnerable People Introduction Perception of vulnerable person has been a hot topic explored and remarked by several health care analysts and eminent professionals in medical field. Even when there is a clear and understandable statement is available about who can be referred as a vulnerable person, it is too difficult to provide a comprehensible and succinct definition about the concept due to the varying characteristics and time in which it is viewed…
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Engaging with Vulnerable People
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Download file to see previous pages I will also investigate through the professional values with reference to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)’s Code of Professional Conduct with regard to the care provided to Miss. Jaya. This essay will find out whether the staff had given respect while maintaining the patient’s dignity and self-respect. The anti discriminatory practice concerns in the case study are explained in the essay while analyzing how these elements affect providing care. A personal perspective about the issue and lessons obtained from the assignment is added in the conclusion. The Concept of Vulnerability The concept of vulnerability has been widely used to explain a situation in which the physical as well as the mental well-being needed for a normal productive life is impaired and at continuous risk (‘The concept of vulnerability’, n.d.). In simple terms of general usage, vulnerability can be denoted as the state of being exposed to hazards, risks, and stresses. When it comes to health-related vulnerability, poor health grade causes the entry into the condition of vulnerability. The vulnerability in the health care system is affected with the people and society in the form mortality, morbidity, and more commonly in various forms of social deprivation. The concept of vulnerability itself is evident in the perception of health risk, and has always been affecting the public health systems. In each country, the state of vulnerability depends on the level of development and stages of health transition. Even when there are certain patterns, certain population sections of society are highly exposed to the health hazards and poorest quality of life. The group extremely exposed to vulnerability is women, under the categories of women in rural areas, abandoned old women, and teenage mothers. Such identification and categorization of the highly vulnerable group has facilitated the investigators to conceptualize health care as multi-sectored service. The Royal College of Nursing (Cited by Dyson, 2007) suggests that while taking care of the old people, the nurses should realise the multi-ethnic backgrounds of the patient, which can greatly influence the quality of care; assessment and evaluation of care in a rage of acute care setting will help in developing and promoting fair and anti-discriminatory healthcare practice. The strategies must be formulated at the local level as well as the national level, in order to tackle down the vulnerability towards women, especially towards the aged women. At the same time, policy formulation intended to eradicate vulnerability must not end up in creating new forms of vulnerability against the existing ones. Each nurse, regardless of their practise and service is expected to adhere to the NMC codes of conduct as well as to its recommendation and guidelines, in order to promote a safe environment for clients and others. Nurses are ought to preserve the patient’s safety, and this practise can be considered to be the base for behaviour and code of conduct. Patients under the care of a nurse, like Miss. Jaya in the case study who was admitted in the ward under the care of nurse, are vulnerable by virtue of illness, injury, and more of dependent nature and undesired incidents. And such incidents create an unequal influence base within the nurse-patient relationship. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Engaging With Vulnerable People Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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