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Journal Article Critiques - Essay Example

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According to Polit et al (1999, pg.4), research can be described, “as a systematic inquiry that uses disciplined method to answer questions or solve problems” (p.4). The purpose of this paper is to critique a chosen piece of qualitative social research paper titled “My…
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Journal Article Critiques
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Extract of sample "Journal Article Critiques"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, critiquing a research work, therefore, involves a careful examination of all aspects of the study, to assess its strength, limitations, meanings and relevance, in a bid to gain adequate up to date knowledge and provide essential information necessary for further studies.
Holosko (2005, pg17) opined that irrespective of the aim of any research study, before taking an in-depth look at the different sections of the research, it is important to first examine the title, abstract, author’s affiliation and writing style.
The purpose of title in a research study is to serve as identification, to provide information and to concisely describe the content of such research paper. Holosko (2005, pg19) argued that research titles need to be accurate, properly written and should avoid rhetorical questions. The title of the study under review sufficiently satisfies these criteria. It gives an insight into what the study is about and after reading through the report, one can say that the title accurate described the content of the research.
The writing style and language of the research article also merits commendation. The language is simple enough for everyone to understand without necessarily undermining the technical nature of the research. The writing style also complies with the APA writing styles, both in referencing, citations and format.
However, the sections of the report did not follow the format described by Holosko (2005) as the basic sections of any research study. The Introduction/Purpose subsections: Introduction, Purpose/Objective of the study, Rationale of the study and Literature review, was either completely missing or not correctly itemized. Although, this did not take away from the overall validity of the research effort, it however, is an unpleasant omission.
An abstract is supposed to provide the surface reader with in depth information about a research study, without taking too ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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