The Damned Human Race - Book Report/Review Example

The paper “The Damned Human Race” looks at Mark Twain’s work as a Great American Essay. Creative legacy of Mark Twain appears to be a contrastive material with the transition from the enthusiastic approach at the opening phase of his oeuvre to the decadent mood at the end of his writer’s career…
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The Damned Human Race
Download file to see previous pages In particular, in his essay “The Damned Human Race” he questions the status of man as a supreme being in the hierarchy of living creatures of planet Earth. In typical to him unmasking manner of that period of creativity, Mark Twain brings into being a great American essay extremely conforming to the standards of writing an essay according to Lapham’s notion.
The first obvious Lapham’s norm, which is brightly represented in Twain’s “The Damned Human Race”, is writing an essay as a depiction of thoughts through their audition on the paper or any other way. It is some sort of improvisation, or rather a flurry of speculations on a concrete acute topic. As we can see from the analyzed essay, Twain represents his own vision, his own understanding of the origin of mankind through making contrasts of parallel lines of behavior patterns of human beings and animals. His striking and challenging idea becomes that particular fact that comes from his own supervisions and serves as an unpredictable concept, which makes people’s minds to protest or question their precede knowledge of the issue. And this is a specific feature of an improvisational manner of reflections. The central point for Twain’s argument against the highest nature of men is their cruelty, meanness, and consumer nature in comparison with higher principles of animals’ existence, dictated by the laws of nature only. In a point of Twain’s fact, humans enslave each other on the basis of dependence and money ranking; kill dissidents and representatives of other religions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead more
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The Damned Human Race Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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