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Argumentative About Human Cloning - Essay Example

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Human Cloning Full Name Human Cloning Introduction The first concept of human cloning came with the cloning of the famous lamb “Dolly” in 1997 by Ian Wilmut. The concept quickly turned into condemnation by the community and the idea to clone humans hit dead end with Wilmut himself admitting that there was no good reason to clone humans (Pence, 1998, p.1)…
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Argumentative Essay About Human Cloning
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Argumentative About Human Cloning

Download file to see previous pages... With the rigid attitude towards human cloning a different perspective was presented that included implementation of cloning techniques that could be used to improve various aspects of human health. Cloning, however, is banned for several reasons. Some of the main reasons for this action are discussed; One of the main reasons to ban cloning is religious concern. The capabilities achieved by cloning are linked with the powers of God; that is creation of life as intended and its destruction in some cases. The genetic code is available in its raw form and in 2010 the first synthetic life form Synthia was created (Macrae, 2010). The DNA is successfully decoded and now we have the technology to combine genes to achieve a suitable outcome. These parts can be combined together like a computer program to generate DNA as per our requirements. There are limitless opportunities and possibilities for this new technology. Microorganisms have been made to produce bio-diesel (“Playing God: What Could Possibly go Wrong?” 2012). A new field has been created and it is called synthetic biology. There is a major concern about creation of these synthetic organisms. The field has sparked new debate about their creation and control. They are thought to be dangerous and the outcome is not always as per our requirement. ...
Human Cloning is simply argued to be against human dignity. However, the biggest concern is the safety of any cloned human. They are expected to be medically unsafe and the field is untested. Furthermore, as per studies cloning in animals yields a very low success rate and most clones die during the process (Johnson & Williams, 2006, p.17). Another issue is with the identity of two genetically similar humans. If one of them dies this gives an indication from the crude genetic data that the other will also die with almost same reasons. This concern can also be linked with identical twins. These issues are also linked with concerns about social life and implications of genetic reproduction of similar human beings. Cloning is also used to replace organs and damaged tissues. They can be reproduced from a human embryo. It is a major concern that life will be created for the purpose of destruction and is therefore; morally wrong (Johnson & Williams, 2006, p.20). Human Cloning is considered against basic human rights. By creating clones two main principles are violated. According to Correa (1997), these are “The principle of equality among human beings and the principle of non-discrimination”. Human Cloning can give rise to a race for dominance over others. Genes could be selected for creation of stronger humans. Due to these concerns Human Cloning was banned by a resolution in European Parliament in 1997 (Correa, 1997). Furthermore, the United Nations Declaration on Human Cloning was adopted by the General Assembly in 2005 (Rhodes, 2009). It called for a ban on all forms of Human Cloning. Conclusion Cloning is banned in many countries and most importantly by the United Nations Declaration on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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