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I believe - Essay Example

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As a child I was taught by my parents that “It is quiet misleading winning all the time, because series of victories will make a person look at himself as a symbol…
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I believe
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Extract of sample "I believe"

Download file to see previous pages When I was in junior high school, I joined the basketball team, we had matches held every Saturday against other schools in the league, we practice a lot during the whole week days and we were confident to think every time that no team is better than us. In our first game we were defeated with the score 80-2. I was so much disturbed that I never thought we would be so bad, and at that time I just felt that simply training is not enough. I went back home and during dinner I told my dad about the basket ball team and my idea to quit the basketball team and join the soccer team. I said that the basketball team was a mere waste of time.
My dad seemed to be inconsistent with my opinion, he went mad and shouted at me, he told me that “if one loss makes you to think of giving up, I am sure you will neither match my success and nor will make your life meaningful”
He told me that, when he was young and just started working for his father he had to confront with variety of people and a range of treatments. They were of the view that my dad contracted this position because his dad was the owner of the company, but that didn’t stop him. He remained deaf towards their comments and was contemplating on improving his working style and within 3 months he became a salesperson with a fantastic proof of selling the maximum number of product of that year... Even then I found myself not convinced with his moral; I was still obsessed with the thought that his experience has a lot of discrepancy with mine... The team was so bad, but in order to flee from my dad’s resentment I remained in the basketball team itself.
During that year we had lost most of our games, the thought of quitting was taunting me every time when I went for the match, but the words of my dad kept echoing “Do not think of Giving up!”.. So I decided to stay, and started concentrating in practicing and trying to analyze the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I Believe Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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This I Believe

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...Audio Assignment: This I Believe When I was younger, I was always taught by my parents to value the traits of honesty and responsibility. I had thegreatest role models in the whole world to display this: my parents. They tried to instill these values in me and I must say that by adopting these characteristics it has helped my life significantly in so many ways. One of the first memories that I have was from a time when I was traveling with my parents to the city. My father had secured a job interview with one of the most respected companies in the country. Because we were running late, my father, who was driving the car, was speeding to get there. In the rush, my father happened to put a small dent in another car. Because of our pressing...
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This I Believe

...their psyche and body imbalanced. Thus, I believe that in order for these self-loathing and self-pitying people to get back on their feet and regain what they have lost, it is vital that they first must regain their self-respect, so they could have a better outlook for the rest of their lives. One of the most common examples of people that seem to sacrifice too much of their selves for the sake of others are the shy and servile employees that are always put behind others due to lack of assertion skills. These persons let just about anyone tell what to do, what to wear, what to eat, how to work, and so on, along with getting unfair and inhumane treatment from others without complaints. In using...
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Who Am I

Descartes's belief "I think therefore I am" came to be known as Cogito. This implies that human beings are merely bundles of perception.
Descartes asserts that whatever he perceives very distinctly and clearly is true. He says if you can convince yourself that you exist, then you really do. This definitely means that we exist because we perceive it. He feels the Supreme Power tries to change our perception into making us believe that we are nothing but as long as remain firm that we exist, we really exist. Human beings are capable of thinking, that is a fact. He also firmly believes that clear and distinct perception is the mark of knowledge. Thinking makes you feel sure that you exist. Even doubting your existence, confirms...
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Distress in Multiple Sclerosis by Kenneth I. Pakenham

Symptoms include weakness, tingling, numbness, fatigue, lack of coordination, balance and vision problems, tremors, muscle stiffness, slurred speech, bowel and bladder problems, sexual dysfunction, memory and reasoning problems, and partial or complete paralysis. There are four known courses of the progression of this disease: a relapsing-remitting course which is the most common of all courses, primary-progressive MS, secondary-progressive MS, and progressive-relapsing MS. MS is currently untreatable but medication is available to slow the progression of the illness (Carlson and Reingold, 2006).
Patients with MS face several physical and psychosocial problems (Pakenham, Stewart and Rogers, 1997) and more commonly exhibit emo...
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The United Kingdom and World War I

It had shown its ability to survive a war and remained a powerful nation of the world (Hardie, Graham, and Kofman).
Almost all the nations in Europe had suffered economically due to the First World War. Most of the European nations were subjected to economic burdens imposed by the war. After the end of the war, the European governments had to make rehabilitation efforts, in respect of the cities destroyed in the war. In addition, they had to provide medical facilities to the soldiers who had been wounded in the war. These governments had to pay pensions to the soldiers, widows, and relatives of the dead soldiers. Moreover, they had to repay the public and foreign debts, and the interest on such debts. These constituted the ad...
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iPhone became one of the most discussed new technology products, surpassing the wider coverage of other very well-known mobile phones that have been playing the best roles in the market. When Apple CEO Steve Jobs stood on the stage at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco and announced “We’re going to make some history together; Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone” (Jobs 2007), it could really influence...
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I was mature for my age since everyone else was a bit older and so I also was independent and a bit grown-up compared to most kids my age. Most of my friends used to annoy me all the time during my adolescent years for acting so immaturely. My life as a child was a bundle of mischief and humor for the whole family. I remember a time many years back when my family and I went to a restaurant for lunch after fishing, and while waiting for our meals to be brought by the waitress, I took one of my crayons-I never left the house without them for some reason- and toss it to my brother Tommy who was seated opposite me. However, instead of hitting Tommy, the crayon flew past the side of his head and hit a man who was seated behind him at t...
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... Oratorical Analysis of Martin Luther King Junior’s Speech, I Have a Dream Introduction Martin Luther’s speech had a widespread influential impact in the United States and the World at large. Luther’s oration was not only meant to stir the United States Congress, but also parliament to enact legislation promoting racial equality. The primary focus of Martin Luther was the United States; however, his dream of racial reconciliation and harmonious coexistence had a transcend appeal to all nations of the world shaken by public dissatisfaction. When Martin Luther King, Jr delivered the speech to demonstrate mass support for the civil rights legislation, he made a remarkable challenge to the United States that still echoes today. Speech...
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