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Coping With Nonmarital Breakups Chapter Outline - Coursework Example

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The difficulty is due to the fact that studying marital and nonmarital breakups often get the chance to examine one side of the story or just one partner and the complete information as to how partners adjust given the situation becomes unavailable.
The nonmarital relationships may happen only in the person's imagination as a result of idolizing or perhaps too much idolizing of the object of affection of the one desiring the other person…
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Coping With Nonmarital Breakups Chapter Outline
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Extract of sample "Coping With Nonmarital Breakups Chapter Outline"

Download file to see previous pages This means that studying nonmarital breakups is confirming whether there ever was a nonmarital relationship - a two sided one- in the first place!
C. The value of accounts
The person's oral or written narratives explaining their experiences or actions describing characters and events and inferring the meaning and motives in the course of retelling and reviewing the love stories.
V. Personal-good reasons to study breakups
Knowing about relationships can improve your specific experiences. For instance, breakups do have lessons and influence future expectations and plans to choose to act differently next time.
VI. The breakup process
This confirms the various steps and process that people undergo when relationships lead to breakups.
A. Intimacy: A cost-benefit analysis
Social creatures are faced with two risks, rejection and betrayal, when pursuing intimacy. Rejection can occur when the hope-for relationship never develops, cut short, or fails when the other expresses dissatisfaction. Betrayal is insidious, a threat that emerges only if intimacy succeeds-for a time. The other, having the advantage of special information, having gained our trust, turns around and turns on us, revealing our vulnerabilities, badmouthing us, teasing us. Why then do we willingly hand that very risky unknown our phone number Why do we have to take heart breaker one more time
1. The need to belong
As social creature, we need each other, our presence, and the possibility of closeness. Relationships confer unique benefits on individuals.
B. Phases and stages of breakup: Weiss's study of marital separation
1. Obsessive review
This involves mental search for explanations, driven to some extents, "If only" and regrets. For the leaver and the leave, the end...
Social creatures are faced with two risks, rejection and betrayal, when pursuing intimacy. Rejection can occur when the hope-for relationship never develops, cut short, or fails when the other expresses dissatisfaction. Betrayal is insidious, a threat that emerges only if intimacy succeeds-for a time. The other, having the advantage of special information, having gained our trust, turns around and turns on us, revealing our vulnerabilities, badmouthing us, teasing us. Why then do we willingly hand that very risky unknown our phone number Why do we have to take heart breaker one more time
This involves mental search for explanations, driven to some extents, "If only" and regrets. For the leaver and the leave, the end of a relationship is traumatic and triggers a self protective review of reasons and signs which could prevent future losses.
There are two types of loneliness, emotional loneliness and social loneliness. The emotional loneliness refers to the isolation, focused on missing one's intimate partner and losing the unique comforts of that relationship. Social loneliness is disorientation and excommunication one feels when one has lost one's place and marital status.
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