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Digitizing the Physical World - Hoe organizations can benefit from digitization - Thesis Example

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.9 2.1 The Physical World in Organizations: Before and After Digitization…….……….9 2.2 Materials, Technologies and…
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Digitizing the Physical World - Hoe organizations can benefit from digitization
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Extract of sample "Digitizing the Physical World - Hoe organizations can benefit from digitization"

Download file to see previous pages This is happening because “individual UC (ubiquitous computing) technologies have today reached a level of maturity which allows for the development of productive business applications” (Fleisch and Thiesse, n.d., p.1930). A sea change brought in by this new advent of technologies has been that the slogan, ‘content is the king’ can now be replaced by- “user intent and context” are the determinant factors in a changed scenario (Ernst, 2008, p.3). It is from this realization that any researcher of information systems and digitization needs to start moving towards the knowledge of how organizations can benefit from digitization. The full picture of digitization in organizations can only be viewed from the perspectives of “experiential computing” (Yoo, 2010, p.215), “pervasive computing,” (De Roure, 2003) and “ubiquitous computing” (Weiser, 1993, p.2). While the utmost concern of any organization that goes for digitization still remaining to be “permanent accessibility” of whatever is preserved or processed by the organization, a huge transformation is taking place, taking this very concern towards new heights (Morris, 2005, p.2). There is an angle shift from preservation to processing, as far as digitized data is concerned, more so in an organizational ambience. It is in relation to these changes that the question, how digitization benefits organizations, needs to be pursued.
Organizations have been always using technologies “to make operations run better, faster, and cheaper” (Blair, 2004, p.64). And in an information age, the success of any organization depends on managing information in a better way (Blair, 2004, p.64). The extent of information flow via digitized media has grown to titanic proportions. For example, “estimates say the volume of business e-mail is growing at a rate of 300 percent each year, and 800 megabytes (MB) of new information is created for every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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