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The Importance of Digitization in the Manufacturing Sector at Ninak Fireworks - Literature review Example

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This paper examines the importance of digitization in the manufacturing sector. The production industry has been privy to rapid digitization over the past few decades. This means that there is the use of intelligent machinery in place of human labor…
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The Importance of Digitization in the Manufacturing Sector at Ninak Fireworks
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Extract of sample "The Importance of Digitization in the Manufacturing Sector at Ninak Fireworks"

Download file to see previous pages The world over time has shifted from its dependence on physical methods of conducting businesses and production to one that is getting more digitized by the day. When one looks at sectors that were previously labor-intensive, for example checking into the airport, the present scenario is one whereby the system depends more on the good working condition of computers than on the presence of numerous staff to walk passengers through the checking-in process (Arthur 2011). This is a picture that extends to other sectors of the economy, whether it is the tourism industry, where some tourists get guidance from a digital tour guide or one that is physically present. In the production sector, the use of computers in the process gets more prominent by the day (Katz & Koutroumpiz 2012).
First, according to Karim et al. (2013) digitization means higher productivity for the manufacturing industry. This level of productivity in the era of physical labor dictates the need for more labor. However, the second economy, as Arthur (2011) refers to the digitized economy, means that production is not labor-intensive in scenarios where it should be. This for the manufacturing industry means higher rates of production at lower costs (Sabbagh et al. 2012). In addition, machines can work for longer periods than human labor can; hence, the increased levels of production.
Secondly, digitization in the manufacturing industry has revolutionized the method by which companies communicate with customers and stakeholders, and how they create brands (Karim et al. 2013). In the second economy, companies have learned to rely more and more on social media for service production. One way in which this is made possible in the manufacturing industry is by providing avenues for customers to voice their opinions on certain products on social media, for example, on twitter. This enhances communication with the necessary clients and works towards building a brand. Another way in which the digital economy proves useful for communication is by providing consumers with the option to order custom-made products from manufacturers and, therefore, enhance customer satisfaction (Sabbagh et al. 2012).
Another advantage of a digitized economy over a physical economy is the way in which digitization has revolutionized operations. It is said that in America, one in four workers engage in telecommunication while at work (Katz & Koutroumpis 2012). Across the world, members of different companies have a means through which they reach workers in other continents. The effect that this has is that it increases competition between various organizations. In addition, companies are able to outsource some of their functions to companies in faraway locations. This enhances efficiency across the manufacturing industry. Digitization is important for each aspect of the manufacturing industry. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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