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Fireworks combine art and science. Discuss the chemistry behind firework colors, including the mechanisms of color production - Essay Example

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In most cases, this event characterizes various significant events worldwide whereby most of them include celebrations like independence and New Year. Fireworks invention dates…
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Fireworks combine art and science. Discuss the chemistry behind firework colors, including the mechanisms of color production
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The production of basic firework entails one to have four chemical agents essential in the formation of the entire complex reaction. These reagents or requirements include reducing agents, oxidizers, binders, coloring agents and regulators whereby the latter undertakes the role of controlling heat (Ochiai, 2011). Binders in the production of fireworks ensure each reagent is in its place for various chemical reactions to take place as necessitated, hence produce the required color displays. Oxidizers in this reaction serve the purpose of availing the required oxygen essential for the combustion process (Ochiai, 2011). These oxidizing agents include nitrates, chlorates and perchlorates (Ochiai, 2011). However, their extent of releasing respective oxygen atoms varies greatly during the entire and complex reaction process. Key oxidation reactions resulting from these processes include,
Upon the release of O2 in the atmosphere, it encounters with S and C, which act as reducing agents producing their respective gaseous oxides as well as heat. Produced heat in this case increases explosive power of the entire combustion process.
Color production during fireworks comprises of two mechanisms, which are Incandescence and Luminescence (Helmenstine, n.d). In the initial mechanism, it refers to a light produced by heat changing into varied colors based on different temperatures that increase with heating. Successive colors produced by this light include infrared, red, orange, yellow and finally white though under effective regulation one can attain his or her distinct color (Helmenstine, n.d). In addition, one can utilize selected metal elements to increase the brightness of a firework, for instance AL, Ti and Mg commonly known to burn brightly at high temperatures (Helmenstine, n.d). Conversely, Luminescence refers to a light produced by external sources mostly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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