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Firework by katy perry - Essay Example

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Name Instructor Course Date “Firework” by Katy Perry Introduction A firework produces a kaleidoscope of colors after being released from their physical vessels through a process of ignition or combustion. Katy Perry’s “Firework” is no different from the real thing…
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Firework by katy perry
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Download file to see previous pages Katy Perry- as the author of the song captures the exact feelings and experiences of the youth today thereby motivating and inspiring them in times of many difficult situations and not to give up their precious life. The words of Perry expresses what’s inside of her relating the message powerfully with a good pulsating rhythm. It is a vibrant song calling the target audience to ignite themselves and free their full potentials to make them who they should be in this fast competitive world. It is a song of encouragement to overcome the inner selves and arise as victors, thus creating a kaleidoscope. The Author of the Text “Firework” as the world recognizes, is a song done by Katy Perry. The lyrics however were co-written by various people behind the scenes such as Ester Dean, Sandy Wilhelm, Tor Hermansen, Mikkel Eriksen and Katy Perry herself. There is no question about how Katy Perry rendered the song, because she’d done it quite perfectly. The song meant to inspire people, especially the youth, to overcome their insecurities and fears (Gundersen par 5). Perry reminds her audience that within them there is a spark that can ignite them and make them shine ( par. 5). Perry’s personal life greatly affects the total impact of the song. Being brought up in a Christian family, she was restricted from listening to worldly and secular music. Her environment was secluded with listening to gospel music devoid of the music beyond. She pursued music with the songs preferred by her family singing gospel songs and albums. But this quest was in vain. Being a girl with a spirit, she didn’t give up music that easily. Instead, she ignited the firework within her, releasing her true potentials in music. She threw her restrictions, went out of her cage, faced her fears and tried a whole new thing. She started singing secular music, and she made a very great success. A kaleidoscopic thing happened to her as her sparks brought her to be famous in the international music industry. Now, she is more than famous as the youth of today consider her as an icon in the music world expanding even to movies and films. Perry reflects social ideas in that she seeks to empower people to live beyond their common fears and shine. While the song does not respond to a historical movement, it represents the current state of affairs in society – many people struggling with various issues that limit their potential. The audience should know that Perry has struggled to become a success story. The Audience of the Text “Firework” is dedicated to everybody. However, as Perry represents the youth of today and her music style is greatly fitted with the current generations, the song attracts the youth. The message embedded in the song however relates to anyone with inner struggles to ignite themselves and release their full potentials in life thereby making them who they want to be. Anyone can relate to the issues of the song. As the first part of the song says, “Do you ever feel, feel so paper thin; Like a house of cards, one blown caving in?” ( par. 1), it calls to people who are suffering and struggling in this life. Anyone can surely relate to this situation since humans are insatiable creatures having some infinite cravings that can not be satisfied regardless of their social status in life. Poor people may lack money, rich people may lack love, young people lack ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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