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Analyse the ideology of motherhood represented in distributed imaging spaces such as Instagram - Dissertation Example

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DISSERTATION FOR AN M.A. IN JOURNALISM, MASS MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION ON THE IDEOLOGY OF MOTHERHOOD AS PRESENTED IN DISTRIBUTED IMAGING SPACES SUCH AS INSTAGRAM. Name of institution: Name of student: Course name: Date due: Table of content These chapters are adopted from a study, presented as a dissertation for an MA in Journalism, mass media and Communication on the ideology of motherhood as presented in distributed imaging spaces such as instagram…
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Analyse the ideology of motherhood represented in distributed imaging spaces such as Instagram
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Extract of sample "Analyse the ideology of motherhood represented in distributed imaging spaces such as Instagram"

Download file to see previous pages This is because more and more people share their life events on the social networks regardless of the events being sad or happy, says (Kivran-Swaine et al, 2013:1-5). Through one’s social media account most people are able to follow one’s transition through the years from one’s teenaged life to adulthood. Motherhood is only the kinship relation between an offspring and the mother. It is also one of the most life altering events that can be experienced and is often represented in the social networks. Most social media users usually cover their social pages with pictures of their experiences of pregnancy, and motherhood accompanied by status updated of about their daily events as mothers. Kivran-Swaine goes on to say that the ways in which motherhood is represented and enacted on the social networks is usually very broad, and does not effectively account for the complex content in which motherhood is understood and performed using new communications technologies. Most information presented on the social networks about motherhood usually give the idea that motherhood is full of happy moments; where the mothers are always smiling holding their bundles of joy and updating how happy and blessed they feel to be mothers. The ideology of motherhood in the social media is often one-sided. Section II: The theoretical concept of “workface” Kivran-Swaine comes up with a theoretical concept of ‘facework’ that she uses to analyze the ideology of motherhood in the social media. Facework functions as a critical mode of self presentation and self expression on the social media where mothers create their own “mommy face”, a social space where they can showcase their motherhood achievements and their various standards of motherhood with the rest of the world. There are a number of mothers who have shown a good use of their facework, whose social media activities have incorporated their experiences as mothers that are if they have not completely changed to motherhood experiences only. A good example of new mothers who have incorporated their motherhood experi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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