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Kate Chopins The Awakening - Book Report/Review Example

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Women's issues provide a central theme in the literatures of every nation and period, though some particular periods in the history of literature are specifically noted for their superior emphasis on such issues. In the history of English literature, several distinguished writers have emphasized the need for improved role of women in the social life, and many often these writers depend on different literary elements to propagate their powerful ideas concerning women's issues…
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Kate Chopins The Awakening
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Extract of sample "Kate Chopins The Awakening"

Download file to see previous pages Chopin's The Awakening (1899) has distinctively achieved critical acclaim for its literary importance as well as for its thematic concerns, and it is celebrated for the specific emphasis on the issues concerning women. Though it took a long time to achieve public attention, The Awakening touched the nerve of many readers through the time, and the stimulating ending of the novel, along with the exceptionally sumptuous imagery, demands concentrated efforts of critical analysis and literary appreciation. In this paper, a profound analysis of the characteristic literary elements of the story such as the plot, characterization, style, symbolism etc is emphasized in order to conclude on Chopin's concerns for women's issues that are specific to her period.
In the modern literary analyses, various critics consider Kate Chopin as the precursor of feminist writers of the 20th century, and her novel The Awakening is able to point up this claim. A profound analysis of the novel in its various literary elements establishes the novelist's particular concerns for the cause of feminist issues. Her protagonist Edna Pontellier is the best epitome of the novelist herself who puts forward categorical ideas of feminist issues and treats the issues of women in the most distinctive way. In the novel, one finds the harmony of feminist voices along with the most sophisticated ideologies through Pontellier's voice. According to Bauer, "Chopin's novel simultaneously articulates the socializing norms of the Creole community and the conflicting gendered voices. She plays on the typical encoding of woman-as-mother in her relation to the hero; in fact, Chopin turns this romantic structure on its head, creating in Edna's fragmented voice a denial of the ideologeme of the mother- woman." (Bauer, 1988, p 129-30). At the primary analysis of the novel's feminist concerns, one notices the fragmented voice of the protagonist, and the faltering quality testifies to the strength of cultural code. The protagonist, opposing the cultural and social norms of the period, also contests the ideology of motherhood and creativity. In fact, Chopin is successful in playing out the difference in the orchestration of voices in the novel. Therefore, a reflective analysis of The Awakening substantiates the view that Chopin is the precursor of the modern day American feminist writers and the literary elements in the novel helped the novelist in the most effective conveyance of her ideologies.
It is deeply illumining in this critical analysis of the novel The Awakening to undertake an investigation of the important literary elements such as plot, characterization, style, symbolism. The plot of the novel deals with the life of the upper-middle class white woman Edna Montpellier who reflects Chopin's feminist ideologies. "The Awakening," as Justin Wintle suggests, "is a story of both cultural and sexual conflict Edna's romantic illusion is irrevocably linked with both sensuous awakening and with her discovery of will and identity." Wintle, p 118-9). She is married to the Creole elite of New Orleans, Lonce Pontellier, who provides the best contrast to her feminist spirit. Though Edna is the mother to two children ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Kate Chopins The Awakening Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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Her vacation to the Grand Isle also play a vital role in the setting as it helps reveal her awakening and maturation process, not just physically by being more in touch with her sensual side, but also emotionally and sexually. It is clearly depicted how swimming and feeling the water brush her skin heightened her senses to the myriad of possibilities in life (Chopin 67). This experience in some eccentric way empowers her to be able to take charge of will and body. This is seen in a later scene when she shows resistance to her husband for treating her like one of his possessions. She matures to the full knowledge of who she is and that she reserves the rights to be in charge in her life.
The character of Edna is that of an indiv...
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