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This essay "The Future of Muslim Brotherhood" dwells on the problems of Muslims. As the author puts it, the term “Muslim Brotherhood” is an expression that describes the political movements in which individuals within the society believe strongly in Islam…
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The Future of Muslim Brotherhood
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Download file to see previous pages What influenced the development of Muslim Brotherhood throughout the world is a shared set of religious values in which the basic social sentiment is that Islam should be the guiding force for a society as well as in governing the social lifestyle of people (El-Sherif, 2014). In the Middle East, Islam is the most dominant religion with substantial devotion and following by society members practicing its ideology (Knudsen, 2003). Islamists believe that the Quran’s guiding principles could satisfy the divine, thus serving as the most relevant political model for a society in order to ensure that devoted precepts of the Quran are the fundamental goals of society (El-Sherif, 2014; Knudsen, 2003).
To not establish Islamist values in society and politics is considered unfavorable secularism and unfaithfulness to Islam. In fact, their inability to achieve this communion is quite unfavorable for the devoted Islamist. Hence, it adds pressure to establish the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the world. The development of this ideology is a modern belief or idea that the practice of conservative Islamic values and liberalism can successfully be reconciled in a single political governance system which can be used to guide the society and allow the state to function well in a globalized world (El-Sherif, 2014).
In relation to the political and social revolutions in Egypt, this study aims to determine whether or not the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt could maintain long-term support from the local citizens. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Future of Muslim Brotherhood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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