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Five pillars in islam - Essay Example

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To be a true Muslim,it is must to obey and act according to the five pillars of Islam,as mentioned in the Holy Quran revealed upon the last Prophet of God Muhammad.Prophet Muhammad preached an integrated universal plan directed to all mankind…
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Five pillars in islam
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Extract of sample "Five pillars in islam"

Download file to see previous pages To be a true Muslim, it is must to obey and act according to the five pillars of Islam, as mentioned in the Holy Quran revealed upon the last Prophet of God (Allah) Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad preached an integrated universal plan directed to all mankind, in which authority on earth is devolved to mankind with the creation at their disposal to utilise.They are given the tools of learning (inspiration or revelation) and the general guidelines to be used in order to stay on the right course, as well as the freedom to choose. Prophet Muhammad preached by presenting his own life as an example to follow and did nothing beyond the doings of an average Muslim.
Holy Quran and Sunnah (teachings of Holy Prophet) in this context is the best example of what he did by setting his own example in this world.Prophet Muhammad's preaching revolves around the central theme that after death every body will be raised at the Day of Judgement and all will be judged by God based on their conduct in this life. No doubt it was Prophet Muhammad's inspirations, which put mankind on a new footing by stressing the use of empirical observations and the use of reason and reflection as the guiding tools for seeking the way of God. The five pillars necessary to be practiced by a Muslim are none other than:1.Shahadat (Kalma Tauheed) – The belief of one and only God; 2. Salat (Prayers) – prayers performed five times a day at regular intervals i.e., dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset and night; (Pasquine, March 2002)
3. Siyaam (Fasting)
4. Zakat (Charity) - Charity tax for the poor and disadvantaged;
5. Hajj (pilgrimage) - Obligatory for a Muslim to perform at least once in his lifetime.

Shahadat - Tauheed (Confession of one God)

In the midst of that milieu which was followed by the then superstitious beliefs, and had been cross-fertilized by all sorts of ideas, right in the centre of the Arabian Peninsula, separated but not isolated, Prophet Muhammad came preaching that there is only One God for all creation, Allah (an assimilated form of Al-ilaah, the god), with no other gods besides Him, accessible to all, with no priesthood as an intermediary, no original sin and no ethnic, tribal or racial overtones. In the Quran we find God addressing human beings in general or the believers, but never 'the Arabs' or 'men' in contradistinction to 'women'. (Hamdiyyah, 2000, p. 26)
'Shahadat' in the form of 'Kalma Tauheed' is the belief that must be declared and uttered by every Muslim, which means that he has acknowledged by his heart and soul that there is no God except "Allah" and Prophet Muhammad is His most beloved and last Prophet. This doctrine is the foremost principle for being a Muslim after which a Muslim follows other doctrines.
The oneness of Allah prevents a Muslim from getting into other confusions and diversification which is the cause of uniting the Muslims all over the globe to a single main believe, i.e., Allah is the creator of the universe and all the things within ranging from nature to life. Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger for whom Allah has created the whole universe and He is the one to whom we are onus to worship and none other.

Salat (Prayer)

The second main pillar of Islam is Salat (Prayer), which is, in fact, one of the earliest and most constantly urged elements of Prophet Muhammad's message. "The word used 'Salat' refers to Arabic word where it refers precisely to liturgical prayer, a public worship of God in the form of audibly uttered words". (Peters, 1994, p. 164) Quran says, Prophet Muhammad advises the Muslims "Do not be loud in your prayer nor speak it softly (as if in secret), but find a way between" (Quran 17: 110)
It is the second basic pillar which makes it compulsory for a Muslim to practice his daily five times prayer which is accompanied by particular gestures and postures, as laid down in the teachings of Prophet Muham ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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