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Islam Name Institution Date Islam 1. Explain the Importance of Sufism. Why is Mysticism Attractive? Islam consists of many branches which include Sufism. In broader terms, Sufism denotes spiritual evaluation where a person has to consider purification of the heart…
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly, Sufism involves all practices that ensure a person has deeper knowledge of their God, who is Allah (BBC, 2011). This includes worshipping and seeing Him, which is the ultimate goal in Islam. This will guarantee all the Allah worshipers a heavenly life with utter obedience of spiritual purification. On the other hand, mysticism is attractive in that it modifies a person’s inner life. A person’s inner life is modified in that the person gains the truth of experience. This is in line with a person’s quest for identification, communion and awareness. As such, a person will maintain high levels of truthfulness, divinity and have a strong spiritual life. This draws a person closer to unity with reality, making a person lead a better life in connection with communication and expressions. 2. Explain in Detail the Five Pillars of Islam Muslims have various practices that should be observed. Of all these, the five pillars are considered the most vital. These are the critical obligations that should be observed by any Muslim in leading a responsible life. They include Shahadah, Salat, Zakat, Sawm and Hajj (Gulevich, 2005). To begin with, Shahadah is reciting the Muslim’s faith. Shahadah states that there is no other God but Allah, with His messenger being Mohammad. Reciting this faith has several meanings. First, it is an open declaration that Allah is the only God and Muhammad is His prophet. Secondly, a Muslim openly accepts this statement as it is recited loudly and in sincerity. Thirdly, it means that a Muslim will extend commitment to Islam in their entire lifetime. The second pillar of Islam is Salat. These are Muslim prayers which are obligatory to an individual and should be performed five times in a single day. They are performed before the sun rises, midday, in the afternoon, shortly before the sun sets and the last prayer is performed before midnight (BBC, 2011). These prayers have various advantages; first, they set the pace of the day. Secondly, they show unity in the Muslim culture, and lastly, they unite the body, mind and soul. The third pillar of Islam is Zakat. This is a compulsory practice where an individual Muslim gives part of their wealth to other people in form of charity. It states that each Muslim should take 2.5% of their wealth and give it to the poor. This is a sign of obedience, discipline and honesty. Similarly, it is an expression that one is not in love for money, greedy or loving oneself. The forth pillar of Islam is Sawm. This is the occasional fasting in Islam, which is done on the ninth month in the calendar of Islam. All Muslims take a total of 29 or 30 days and stop participating in some activities (BBC, 2011). As such, Muslims are not supposed to eat, drink, smoke or participate in any sexual activity during the day. This shows that Muslims are obedient, self disciplined, appreciate God’s gift and are gaining spiritual strength. Similarly, they consider it a time for generosity, giving thanks to their holy book and fellowshipping with other Muslims to show unity. The last pillar of Islam is Hajj, where Muslims from different parts of the world gather in Mecca to praise Allah. All the Muslims at the event stand in front of Kaaba and praise Allah together (BBC, 2011). This shows Islamic unity and equality, with the promise of brotherhood and sisterhood. According to Islam, if one is not able to make it every year, they have to ensure they at least attend this practice once in their lifetime. 3. Contrast between Contemporary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Islam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1. https://studentshare.org/religion-and-theology/1468370-islam.
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Moreover, it has unique belief patterns and worship to an exclusive deity that is evident among all the other worldly religions. Introduction The word Islam connotes the willful and total submission to the worship of the god ‘Allah’ (Tamara, 2010). Moreover, the word ‘Islam’ represents peace as it is a natural effect that comes by when one submits to the doctrines of Allah.
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Islam is a monotheistic religion that is articulated by the Holy Quran. Islam is based on the concept of submission to Allah and accepting his supremacy over all and believing in the Holy Prophet and the Holy Quran. One becomes a Muslim by reciting the Shahadah declaring his submission to Allah and accepting that Muhammad is the prophet.
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It is essential to recognize that Islam amounts to of the second largest population in the contemporary world subsequent only to Christianity. “Islam…is a complex cultural synthesis, centered in a distinctive religious faith, and necessarily set in the framework of a continuing political framework… Elements derived from Judaism and Hellenism are common to both the Islamic and Christian syntheses… Like Christianity, Islam is a monotheism with an historical founder and a sacred book…” (Holt, xii) Significantly, the origin and development of Islam, like that of Christianity, has been a legitimate concern of historians, along with the question how Islam is connected to Judaism and Ch
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The contest welcomes children as little age as seven since they are judged on their ability to recite the Muslim holy from memory. Those children are also graded through the accuracy and their intonation of musicality (Koran by Heart n.d). In this film, Barker tells the
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m that believed the existence of more than 300 gods created confusion, paving a way for Prophet Muhammad to introduce and replace the confusion with the religion if Islamic monotheism, that had a less confusing explanation of the existence of God. Thus, what is considered by the
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In the Middle ages Islam had conquered and taken control over a large part of African states, the Middle East and some European states a factor that caused aggressive behavior and conflict between the European and Islamic parts of the divide. The conflicts resulted
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The holy book of all Muslims is a guide according to which the supporters of Islam build their lives, work and daily communication with people. In spite of great religious value of religion for the region, death of Muhammad in
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It was at that time when ALLAH, the one ever living most gracious most merciful, send upon his mankind a gift in form of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), His last Prophet.
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For instance, Christians consider themselves to be generally good but so do Muslims and if there are Muslim extremists, there are also other religious extremists. Thus, it would be wrong to generalize and look at every
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