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Contemporary Challenges Facing Sufis In Egypt - Dissertation Example

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The paper "Contemporary Challenges Facing Sufis In Egypt" describes what Sufism is the mystical and spiritual Islam branch. It focused on the foundational teachings that were anchored on the prophet’s teaching and life. Sufism had been central in Egypt in the 14th century…
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Contemporary Challenges Facing Sufis In Egypt
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Extract of sample "Contemporary Challenges Facing Sufis In Egypt"

Download file to see previous pages This agrees with historical development and formations of Sufis. It noted the prophet was a leader who ruled at Madinah. This is also informed by the fact that Sufis are organized into orders and orders are further organized into Sufism Council whose chairperson is approved by the President. The Sunni Institute in Egypt is also considered independent and influential on Islamic matters.Sufism is a virtuous movement that involves mysticism and spirituality in Islam. It involves Muslims holding on the foundation and teachings of the Prophet. This is anchored by teachings of the Quran and Sunni doctrine. However, this does not mean Sufism is confined to Sunnis but it involves the attempt to move people closer to God. It can also be concluded that criticism and political involvement are inevitable to the Sufis in Egypt. This can be visible through Sufism direct involvement in politics and organizational structures. Although this can be argued as a source of weakness for Sufis it is, in fact, the greatest point of strength. The group can use its position in politics to influence the state towards basic Islamic foundations through constitutional means. The group can also, use the position to reach out to rival religious groups and secular groups by engaging them from a political platform, to social, and economic by making them understand Sufism perspective. This can be supported by the truth that Sufism is not for the Sunni’s in reality but both for Muslims and non-Muslims who consider its goal, getting closer to God. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Contemporary Challenges Facing Sufis In Egypt Dissertation.
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