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Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary World - Term Paper Example

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The author examines two dominant schools of thought in Islam. One school of thought agrees upon the concept of spiritual excellence through meditation and struggle for the nearness of Allah; the other school of thought is strict about worldly affairs. …
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Rethinking Islam in the Contemporary World
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Download file to see previous pages The Sufi Islam has focused upon contentment with life – such contentment is possible through control of Nafs – Inner Self. If the follower is able to control his inner conscious and is able to submit his Nafs in the will of God, then probably the flare of spiritual growth and its amalgamation with the source is possible. Sufis consider this as their objective of life – they consider themselves to be a drop of the ocean which has to pass through tribulation and suffering to enter the ocean. In this version of Islam, the worldly aspect has been ignored and the physical life and responsibility of the human towards his society have been ignored. Sufi Islam has a strong concept of Sacred Law - this law is between God and the follower. As per law, the Sufi has to maintain secrecy in his spiritual affairs, and matters compounding to identity and matters of God are kept private. It is also claimed that it is difficult to comprehend the power and spirituality of God, and therefore it remains beyond the scope of human understanding and intellect. The relationship between God and his follower is of affection and love and is beyond any justification based upon intellectual topology. The human being with average spiritual status will probably fail to understand the expression and revelation of the Sufi. The Sufis have therefore gained unique status and repute in their society and have been popular because of their uncommon and strange expressions towards divine authority.

In Sufi Islam, there exists a concept of mentor or guide also called Mursid. The Murshid is a person who has achieved spiritual success and has developed contact and affiliation with God. The followers of Mursid are called Mureed - the followers do not consider their Mursid as equivalent to God but for them, the Mursid is passage towards spiritual divinity. The Murshid is respected and followed because of his spiritual affiliation and accomplishments by Mureed. Mursid shall never be confused with Prophets - rather the entity of Mursid is based upon his spiritual accomplishments and love for God. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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