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Older staff often come with more life experience and a willingness to work - Essay Example

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Statistics that have been taken in the last years to try and analyze the rate at which the older people are being recruited and retaining their jobs. 55% of participating companies identified employee retention as a top goal in putting…
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Older staff often come with more life experience and a willingness to work
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Extract of sample "Older staff often come with more life experience and a willingness to work"

Download file to see previous pages “If employers don’t act soon, they will fail to win the war for talent, as older adults will be relied upon as one of the most important sources of talent for the future workforce (Jan 2007). The global survey, which included 28,000 employers across 25 countries and territories, found employers in the UK are far ahead of their international counterparts, with higher percentage of respondents, respectively, working proactively to retain their older employees. But in Italy and Spain, only 6% have such strategies in place. In 19 of the 25 countries, retention strategies were more predominant than recruiting strategies for older workers. This may be because many of these countries have government legislation or programs in place to encourage employers to retain older workers (Paula 2007).
The aim of this topic is to understand and learn more on the recruitment of old employees and the strategies used. We also review the benefits and challenges associated with having an older workforce in companies. We also discuss aging population and recommend what action organizations should take to ensure they have a ready supply of labor in the future. We are also going to review why age diversity pensions are decreasing in value and on the other people are becoming more likely to still have financial obligations such as mortgages or student support, later in life. We are also going to go through what employers will need to consider how they can best become an employer of choice for older workers and how they can retain older workers in an increasingly competitive market place.   For some organizations this will mean a significant culture change.  Consider that 25-34 is the current favorite recruitment age of employers and The Employers Forum on Age has estimated that ageism costs the United Kingdom economy over £26bn each year.  This article will help you to explore the issues that affect your capacity to be an age positive employer and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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