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Link between Law, Democracy, and Governement - Essay Example

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Being considered as a supreme power among the other nations, it works under the hold of men who are able and excelled in power. As mentioned above ablest men take charge of the head of affairs. When analyzing the United…
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Link between Law, Democracy, and Governement
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Extract of sample "Link between Law, Democracy, and Governement"

Download file to see previous pages Democracy does not concentrate on an individual’s opinion. The United States Government, though having republic states in it, the continuous violation of laws and the struggle of the employees seem to have created a unfaithful atmosphere for the employee surrounding.
The link that goes in between law, democracy and the government policies focuses on an imbalanced situation where only least benefits are visible for the employee community. The survey reports given in some of the journals, magazines and in websites show us the consequences as well as the root causes for such an imbalanced attitude going amidst the government and the employees. The overall estimation is that the United
In general all forms of democratic government depends on their acceptance of population be it aggregative or deliberative or participatory. The United State Government focuses on its hold, in the sense; less chance are given to the population to enroll in any participatory activities such as demanding their rights. United States follow the Federal Government, which works under the leadership of President, Vice-President, Congress and the Senate. This form of rule is the dominant trait of United States.
Every citizen is subjected to obey the three governing bodies such as [1].The Federal Government, [2]. The State and [3] County. The State Government has its own responsibilities. The events taking place within a concerned state should come under the supervision of the State it self. The events or matters include property regulations, industry, business, and other public necessities and finally the criminal section of that particular state. The aim of the Federal Government is to look at the State as a republic and at the same time the State should not make a move in contradiction o the rules or laws of the Federal Government. The State Government on the Whole is looked upon ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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