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The response is not that simple. The political science of religion deals with an examination of the effect of politics on religion along with the influence of religion on politics with specific…
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Download file to see previous pages Equally important, there are several moral codes and ethical conduct that are taught by the religious traditions. The link between law and religion is manifested in the Islamic sharia, Christian canon law, Hindu law, and Jewish among others. Therefore, drawing on a variety of sources the paper will discuss the links between law and religion.
Both in substance and origin, the link between law and religion have always been assumed to exist, even though they are two different concepts. The connecting component between these two is the human being. Both law and religion contribute to the social order. On one hand, law is considered as a set of rules of conduct that is aimed at guiding human behavior in order to differentiate good from bad (Howard 79). Law is used to advance the general good by developing legal rights of which it is mandatory to abide by. On the other hand, Edge (29) notes that religion has numerous definitions and anti-definitions of which none have attained dominance. In a view shared by Matadi, religion is a normative system that affects people’s lives and also determines their conduct. Also, religion established the relationship between a person and the Supreme Being. For Muslims, the source of religion lies in the Quran, for Christians it lies in the Bible, and for the native religions, it lies in the customs, rituals, and object passed on from the ancestor’s or gods.
Hagedorn, Kratz, and Kratz (365) posit that there exists a complex relationship between law as a set of rules that govern the social and political existence of mankind, and religion, which is a body of spiritual doctrines and a system of rituals and norms of behavior.” Law is accepted as a natural product of the informal interaction rules in the society. Therefore, religion can also be accepted as a crucial source of law considering that social rules and norms are usually influenced by the religious values of societies. Correspondingly, religion also provides a set of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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