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Religion in the Work Place - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The annotated bibliography "Religion in the Work Place" states that Alidadi (2010) argues on the positive measures that, present healthy, workplace relations through offering religious freedom. With increased time spent in workplaces, individuals should be accorded religious freedom…
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Religion in the Work Place
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Extract of sample "Religion in the Work Place"

Effective leadership is explained to create avenues to predict success.
Religion is applied in leadership within the article and is predicted to lead to successful organizational relations. Through involving God in the management process, an increased positive result is achieved.
Quest Motivation. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 32 (4), 283-294.
The article accords the comparison of the application of mature verses the immature religion. However, there is the need to articulate the essence of mature religion via the aspect known as Quest's motivation. Trough the experimentation, the provision issued applies Quest in articulating the necessary religious inputs.
The identity of the forms of religion needed to achieve positive results is included in measuring the necessary religious forms. Mature religion is a vital aspect of completing positive relations in any organization.
Religion has been highlighted as a form of solace for individuals who shift from the rigid inclusion of business policies in the workplace. However, the laws that govern business regulations may influence the religious practices favorable within the office environment.
The article critics that the religious input in the workplace is dependent on the result that needs to be achieved. Religion influences work completion in variable ventures.
Konrad (2006) explains that with the various barriers in the workplace, the solution to limit reduced performance may be in increasing employee morale and fulfillment. Religion serves as a means to offer satisfaction to employees and appreciate diversity in the workplace.
The article promises to highlight the importance of diversity in achieving the fulfillment of the motives. Without the necessary provisions to deliver success, there may be barriers to achieve success.
McGhee and Grant (2008) link religion and work through involving spirituality in deducing the implications of behavior in the workplace. They argue that spiritual individuals perform better in organizations as compared to a system without religion.
The article is vital in predicting the results achieved when religion influences the behavior of individuals within the workplace through spiritual fulfillment. The result accords increased performance.
and Its Impact on Customers’ Experience, Journal of Business Ethics, 88, 313- 332.
The article presents that workers depict their spiritual fulfillment within the workplace and extends to management. With the provision, the service is influenced as spirituality is considered part of human development.
The article is vital in predicting the positive impacts of religion within the workplace. Through the research, a positive result is derived from the aspect of incorporating religion in offering services to customers in the United States. 
The provision to offer certain laws within the workplace leads to successful policy generation. The laws necessary to offer provisions of success may be influenced in the religious aspects.
The necessary provisions to create positive relations in the workplace are created in the necessity to offer solutions to the barriers of impaired performance. Religion is vital in achieving success within the workplace through spiritual fulfillment.
Word conducts research that incorporates the aspect of spirituality within the workplace. With the right guidance and fulfillment of employees, the output is increased to accommodate the organizational missions.
The article explains the importance of motivating and involving employees in mission completion through implementing strategies that uplift their morale. There is an indication that spiritual fulfillment presents the necessary ventures to accommodate employee growth. Read More
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