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Validity and Reliability on Emergency Preparation and Response in the World of Corporate Security - Essay Example

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To achieve validity in my research paper, I would have to ensure that I am measuring the variables that I set out to measure. There are different types of validity that have to be addressed. First is face validity. This requires that my measure appears relevant to my construct from the point of view of those whom I wish to measure…
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Validity and Reliability on Emergency Preparation and Response in the World of Corporate Security
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Extract of sample "Validity and Reliability on Emergency Preparation and Response in the World of Corporate Security"

Download file to see previous pages In the context of my research, this means that I have to ask a content expert if my instrument in gathering data looks valid. Similarly, this may be undertaken by asking potential respondents about the face validity of my instrument through a pilot run of the survey. Yet still another measure of validity is content validity. In this type of validity, I am bound to do a content validity check and ask experts in the field of corporate security on their opinion about the instrument – that is, if they think that the instrument will be able to measure what I set it out to measure. Content validity has two subtypes, predictive validity and concurrent validity. One way of checking the predictive validity of my research tool is to see if it can predict other variables that are “logically related” to those which are measured by the instrument. If it does, that means that the instrument I constructed is content valid. On the other hand, concurrent validity works the same way as predictive validity; however, the measure of this is logical correlations with other variables that are assumed to be associated with those measured in the tool. Finally, I can also do a construct validity check. For example, if I am measuring the variables emergency preparation and response, they should correlate with other related constructs in an anticipated manner if my instrument does have construct validity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Validity and Reliability on Emergency Preparation and Response in the Essay.
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