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This indelible incident, which happened when I was an eight -year-old kid, could have been instrumental in molding me in to the maverick that I am today. As a child born and raised in San Francisco, playing tag and shooting hoops in the vacant lot next to the community center…
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Download file to see previous pages My mind had drifted off to recall the conversation at the kitchen table in the morning where I heard momma telling my dad of the intended visit of our grand parents for the summer. Having my grand parents for holidays made my days shine. Grand pa with his erect frame and ruddy sun tanned skin from countless hours in the outdoors brought me memories of great cowboys. Grand ma always reminded of softness with her twinkling blue eyes and beautiful soft skin. Her voice was so gentle and soothing that I loved to fall a sleep in her lap, listening to the stories and songs she read or sang to me at bedtime.
I came out of the reverie of my grandma’s soft cocoon of love when I heard Tim, our implicitly appointed group leader chanted in a high pitch tone “ Here comes a Wadley Sack..he he he he” and I looked up to see the woman of an extra bulky frame walking pass the lot. Tim was right in one sense in that she was hardly walking but waddling along with a difficult gait. She looked in our direction as the chanting got more boisterous with the rest of the boys, Sean, Steave, Mat and Harry joining in the ridiculing of the plus sized lady. I watched her, expecting to see anger and distaste in her expressions but was surprised at the kind and conciliatory look in her eyes. “ Wow… she must be eating like a giant!” said Tim, and everyone laughed aloud. I looked at her once again and thought that though she was rather big, she looked kind and pleasant with her redeeming smile. In the silence that followed, my “tag & hoop” buddies turned questioningly at me. I have not uttered a single word up to now, nor had I joined in the laughter, which rankled the humid summer air.
“Alan? You don’t think she looks like a big sack of potatoes?” Questioned Tim and I waited as if the cat got my tongue. “Oooohh… Alan likes her! He doesn’t think she looks that bad!” Exclaimed Tim, the gang master in mock exaggeration and the others ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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