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Question - Essay Example

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The user is a person who actually plays the role of customer interaction and negotiator. He also works as an operator and enter his details. The information about the customer has to be recorded by the customer itself. There can be more than one sales man but each of them will be given a login_id and password through which they can operate the software.
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Analyzing the Case Study The Software Requirement Specification is the mechanism for capturing and containing the project requirements. In the case study, the system is meant for storing information of Customer_infomation and creation of list of holidays and destination.
Process Flow
1. customer logs to the computer.
4. enters details.
5. if customer exists then ok else put customer in customer table and
generate permanent custid
6. if vehicle maybe traded in -> put vehicle details in vehicle table
if not exist already
if no vehicle is traded -> in invoice table tradedin vehicle can be null
7. if customer asks for dealer installed option -> option are in
options table with option id, customer may opt for option while buying
new vehicle. option-invoice tales are linked if cutomer asks for
option then corresponding record stored in mapping tbale
8. generate invoice and finalise purchase
Creating Use Cases for the given case study
Actors are not part of the system. They represent any one or anything that must interact with the system. Its role is to enter the input to the system or receive information from the system.
In this case, the operator or better to say the user is the only actor.
The user is a person who actually plays the role of customer interaction and negotiator. He also works as an operator and enter his details. The information about the customer has to be recorded by the customer itself. There can be more than one sales man but each of them will be given a login_id and password through which they can operate the software.
Use Cases
A Use Case is s sequence of transactions performed by a system that yields a measurable result of values for a particular actor.
Use Cases identified as per the case study are
Creation and access through login_ID
Creation of a Personal Record.
Creation of List.
Creation of Customer ID
Creation of list of Options with each option being given a Code.
Creation and Access through Login_ID:- The Customer has been given a login_ID to operate the system. The system will check the authenticity of the user and only after positive approval it can be accessed.
Creation of a Customer Record: - The Customer in this case works as a simple operator and enters the details related to him. Included in the record are "Age range", "Disabilities", "Education/skills", "IT knowledge", "Frequency of use" and "The key interface requirements suggested by the profile".
Creation of List: - The System creates a holiday list after every insertion. The list summarizes the holidays and various packages. It also includes full customer information, information on the trade-in benefits (if any), the trade-in allowance, and information on the purchased package. The invoice may contain details of the Options selected by the customer or no options. The Options have a code. The customer choices are being put on the invoice after the Salesman fills the digital form with the code of the selected option. No selection of Code means no option has been chosen by the Customer.
Creation of Customer ID: - If the customer buys a package for the first time, his details are being recorded for future use for promoting sales. The customer is given an ID and so that the same can be used for data storage and retrieval.
Creation of list of Options with each option being given a Code: - The Dealer provides lots of options to its Customers and these can be identified through the list of features and Option Code. Each Option has been pre stored in the database. The Option contains the details of features associated and the related Option Code. The Operator of the system has to store the list along with its code.
customer_id varchar(10) primary key
customer_invoice_id varchar(10) not null
customer_name varchar(50) not null
customer_address varchar(200) not null
customer_telephone number(12) not null
Package_ID_no varchar(15) primary key
Package_Design varchar(20) not null
package_year number(4) not null
Package_provider varchar(20) not null
Package_cost number(8,2) not null
//invice details are described here
invoice_id varchar(10) primary key
invoice_customer_id varchar(10) not null foreign key (references customer_details(customer_id))
invoice_option_code varchar(200)
invoice_final_price number(8,2) not null
invoice_taxes number(6,2) not null
invoice_license_fees number(6,2) not null
invoice_tradein_allowance number(6,2)
invoice_date date not null
//links dealer installed options to a particular invoice
invoice_id varchar(10) (composite_pk) foriegn key (references
invoice_details.invoice_id) Read More
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Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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